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    Default What does a MARGINAL candidate get from hair restoration?

    In this video, I discuss with a health care provider...and interview him...about how he is a marginal candidate and I made him think long and hard before proceeding. We show his results and he couldn't be happier...BUT...they are marginal patient results.

    Now you ask why post this? And I'd agree...I'd rather post awesome donor hair patients only...but there are some folks with marginal hair...and we end up doing 5 to 10 a year. Most have already been to a competitor and were told that they could get complete coverage....and then they wind up in my office where I try to discourage them from doing anything.

    Some however do want to proceed and are happy with LIMITED results and framing of the face. This video is for those prospective patients.

    The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhXEtawbwDU

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    I didn't think I'd hear anything new from this site. Everything looks different, but each thing is interesting on its own fnaf

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