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    Default Need to remove fat in the house

    Some surfaces are very oily and I would like to remove this fat. Are there options for fast and high-quality fat removal. Still interested in what means are best used on freshly spilled fat for cleaning.

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    For fresh spilled grease, I usually use baking soda and it absorbs and removes it perfectly. Have you tried this method?

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    If your surface is oily and the fat is liquid, then you can try to sprinkle with soda and it will absorb this fat very well, but if the fat has already cooled down, then it is advisable to use steam cleaning. You can read about grease removal in an article from experts they picked up well-known methods such as salt and alcohol cleaning, soda cleaning, as well as advanced methods based on steam cleaners. I recommend just reading.

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    Timely maintenance of conveyor belts, is a very important process. This ensures that your equipment will last a long time. I ordered a conveyor belt cleaner from Fortador for my production facility. They have developed these machines that clean deep dirt.*

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