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    Default Laser hair removal with tattoos

    Hi Guys,

    I'm confused either I should go for laser hair removal on tattoo body parts or not? Upon researching, everyone has different view which increases my doubts so asking here.

    While laser hair removal in the vicinity of a tattoo is still possible and safe, the tattoo will be covered by the technician during treatment.

    No. The pigment in the ink interferes with the laser. At least thatís the way it was when I was doing hair removal for clients about ten years ago.

    These responses I received from different experts. Please clear my confusion and question that Can You Get Laser Hair Removal on a Tattoo?


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    Hi all, I wanted to look into the option of Painless Laser Hair Removal. I currently have private healthcare (AXA) but I am leaving my job soon and will need to decide whether to keep it or not. Does anyone have any experience/information about the availability/cost of laser hair removal on private healthcare or NHS?

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