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    There are a few reasons why a person might have a bigger than average forehead. In some cases, people are born with a hairline thatís higher on the head. The high hairline can make the forehead look very prominent. As the hair at the front of the head falls out and stops growing back in, the forehead can begin to look bigger and bigger requiring forehead reduction treatment.

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    Hello, Mathilda

    I have checked in previous comments that you have chosen hairline lowering for you. I want to tell you that you have chosen the most correct method for your hairline it will give you a natural look and there are no side effects for this treatment. As we know that we should follow the proper guidelines before and after taking any medical treatments for our health wellness I also want to suggest you some major things:

    :- Choose the nearest Clinic
    :- Take consultation before taking the treatment
    :- Know the proper procedure & Techniques
    :- Be connected with your Surgeon

    For your immediate and expert results, you can connect with Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Europe here Dr. Vinod Sonaware (M.D) is a member of AHRS (Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons) will complete the whole treatments within his proper guidelines and knowledge. You can visit the website to know about Bloom Hair Transplant.

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