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    Yes you can regrow your hair. Use natural home remedies to regrow your hair. May be some home remedies are available at your home which you can use to prevent hair fall.

    Use coconut oil to massage your scalp or head daily for 10-15 minute. Stay hydrate, drink 10 glass water regularly.
    Avoid physical and emotional stress because stress plays an important role in hair loss.
    do exercise and yoga.

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    In case coconut oil and yoga didn't regrow your hair, there are some other solutions for thinning hair in a 35 year old female that could be considered. Hair loss in females is very different from hair loss in males, and often a work up to find a cause is indicated. Sometimes things as simple as mild anemia or hypothyroidism, which are relatively common in 35 year old females, which can be corrected by taking a pill, can be the source of hair loss in women. There are several blood tests that can be done to look for these as well as more unusual causes of hair loss in a woman your age.

    If we assume that your hair loss is not due to a correctable metabolic condition like anemia, and that it's idiopathic in nature (eg: nobody really knows what is causing your hair loss) then there are some treatments that may be of help to you to both slow down the progression of your hair loss, and in some cases appear to reverse the hair loss. These include low level laser therapy (LLLT), platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, and microneedling with fetal growth serums. These are not surgical procedures and leave no scar, and do not use up a limited resource (eg: your donor hair). We have had some real successes with growing hair back using these non-surgical methods. A consultation with a physician who has dedicated his practice to the field of hair restoration surgery is indicated, as these treatment options are not for everyone, and a physician's visit a good idea to assess your candidacy.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.
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    If you really having trouble with your hair and you are able to receive the treatment from Kerala, then I suggest you Nicholson Homeopathy, the best best hair loss treatment providers in Kerala. I assure you that you will get the best solution for your hair problems.

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    They will, but it's better to enrich them with the needed vitamins, proteins, fats and oils. Also, talk with your hairdresser maybe she has something for you (professional shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks). By the way, what hairbrush do you use? It may seem not very important but it makes a difference for our hair and scalp. I know this cause I also began to lost hair 2 years ago due to stress. And from that time I have a habit to use a wooden hairbrush (to massage my scalp and spread the natural oil(sebum) over the length), the coconut, olive, burdock, avocado oils(I just massage them into my scalp to make them stronger), and heat protection (not only while using the flat iron but as a protection during hot weather).

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    In this, age hair loss is really awful. And for any women, this is really a demoralizing sign. After reading your post I assume you are in an initial stage of hair loss problem. I strongly recommend you to first you should consult with a dermatologist. He will help you in a proper manner. And one mistake is common in every hair loss case is taking medicine or remedies without knowing the reasons for it. And in a general way if you ask for a remedy then I would like to recommend you Amplixin hair support system. They have many products in their line so you can pick the best one on the base of what problem you are facing.

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    I am a 46 year old woman. Started experiencing hair loss in my early 40's. I neglected to take it seriously the first year and didn't really do a darn thing about it. Boy, I wish I had. My hair loss just progressed into my second year and I finally started doing something about it. I changed my diet, added biotin and vitamins, drank more water, ate more protein, tried virtually every product available on the market prescription and OTC. I think everybody's body chemistry and hair varies, so results differ from person to person even if they are using the same product/regimen. Well, after my 3rd year of hair loss, I finally found what worked. I kept up with the healthy diet and found the My Secret Correctives DHT Blocker shampoo. It worked!!!! I am now using it 2 times a week, and have collected my hair loss along the way to properly evaluate my hair fall. Well, I am now down to losing about 75 hairs per day, vs the hundreds if not thousands I was losing before (at times it would come out in what felt like chunks) which from what I understand is on par with the normal average. YAY!!!! Once, I found out how to stop the loss, I started working on regrowth. I think you have to stop the loss as much as possible before you can tackle regrowth. I found the OMM Collection for REGROWTH & THICKENING. I have been using it for about 5 months now, I officially have new growth, yes it is a little thin as far as the strands themselves, but every month, those thin hairs get longer and thicker. I hope that this post gives all the ladies some hope out there, and inspiration to NOT give up on this fight. If I had given up when the dozens of products and treatments I tried didn't work--while they worked for many other people, I would have never gotten this far. Remember, we are not defined by our hair. We are beautiful regardless.

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