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    Default Beauty and Fashion Videos by Indian Youtubers

    One of the most well-known Indian Youtubers has a channel dedicated to beauty tips. Besides sharing her own beauty routine, she also helps viewers with their beauty issues. With more than 45,000 subscribers, her videos are a hit with fans. Her content is colorful and fun. And she's a Delhi-based full-time beauty blogger.
    RajiOsahn is a desi YouTube beauty guru with tips on how to lighten scars and solve skin problems. Her makeup is flawless, and her hacks are easy to follow. Her most popular videos include "How to Eyebrow Thread with only hands" and "Step by Step Threading facial hair."
    The beauty and fashion tips videos by Indian YouTubers are fun and informative. Many women look up to these YouTubers to learn how to make their hair look good. While some Indian women are embarrassed to talk about their appearance, others are inspired to try new styles and create their own. The best part of YouTube beauty tips is that you don't have to be a professional to succeed in this niche. It's all it takes is time and a bit of trial and error.
    Shruti Shroff is another Indian Youtuber focusing on makeup and skincare. Her channel was launched in the year 2010 and has since accumulated over 128,000 viewers. She focuses on beauty and has videos on everything from hairstyles to skincare. Her lookbook is full of videos that cover topics like hair and makeup. Her videos are very detailed, and she regularly posts new content every day.

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    Beauty and fashion videos by Indian YouTubers have become increasingly popular in recent years, with creators showcasing a diverse range of styles and trends to their followers. These videos offer an accessible way for viewers to stay up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends, and often include recommendations for products and accessories such as those available at With the rise of social media and the increasing influence of online personalities, Indian YouTubers have become an important source of inspiration and guidance for fashion and beauty enthusiasts across the country.

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