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    Are you prepared to travel to anywhere in the world thats recommended?
    If not, it may be a good idea to specify where you live.

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    Jumping in late here but find this very interesting...

    I agree that in some cases hair systems can be spotted, even when they look pretty good. However, this is particularly so for us guys who 'look' for them. Be honest, have you ever suspected someone is wearing a system only to find out later that they're not? I know i have!

    I know enough about woman to know they don't care if you're wearing a hair system, the issue is if you are scared. They can smell fear. It doesn't matter what the issue is; if you think she's too good for you... she is. End of.

    If you think you look hot with your hair system and it looks relatively real then there's nothing to fear. Try hitting on her friend & she'll be loving your bloody hair system!

    I personally couldn't give a rats ass if my system looks "not right" if the sun shines on it at 4.07pm if i'm facing south east on Tuesdays.

    When i told my girlfriend about Enrique's system (whom she has a MASSIVE crush on) she said .... who cares!!!

    Just rock that shit & live your life! Hair systems are awesome!

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