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    Cool Just had FUT, feel great! (Thanks Dr. Lindsey!)

    If anyone has any questions about my experience, I'm happy to share more! I'm 35 and have been losing my hair gradually since 23. In the last two years or so I haven't been recognizing my reflection. I finally decided to do something about it.

    If you're considering hair restoration I STRONGLY recommend [HTML]Dr. Lindsey and his practice[/https://www.baldtruthtalk.com/members/718-Dr.-Lindsey].

    I think a lot of us in that consideration phase find a ton of information online, but it doesn't get real until you have your consultation. You'll find that Dr. Lindsey is very direct and clear about what to expect, timelines, pricing, and pre- and post-op care. Come with questions; he will have answers.

    I had a couple consultations with doctors around the DC metro area, including Bosley. I met Dr. Lindsey after these consultations and knew that I trusted him with my scalp. The others immediately pitched additional costly and painful treatments like PRP, pigmentation tattoos, etc. I can't stress this enough -- when you're sitting in the consultation chair, you will feel vulnerable; those high pressure tactics probably work a lot of the time at those other practices. Not Dr. Lindsey. He is very clear and realistic and does not give you the "hard sell."

    One other thing that sold me on Dr. Lindsey is that he has dozens of videos on Youtube demonstrating proper after care, showing previous cases, and -- importantly -- his gardening and arborist interests. He is a consistent personality. He takes pride and enjoyment in laying out a garden (or a scalp) correctly, so that there is a natural gradient among the rows of trees (or hairs). He makes it clear that vigilant after care is crucial to the success of "OUR hair" and made sure that I was 100% clear on what to do when I got home. He cares very much about your successful outcome and he is clear about what you can do to make the outcome as successful as possible.

    So I signed up. Once things were rolling, I got to know more of the staff at this practice. Wendy is very experienced and so supportive during your procedure and for follow-up care. Kumari is caring and kind. Lala is meticulous and constructive. And not a moment is lost during the procedure: there is a full team of 6 or so professionals working like a well oiled machine to prepare your follicles from your graft all morning, and another team doing your implantations with Dr. Lindsey meanwhile.

    I live in the DC area and went to several follow-up walk-in cleaning sessions to make sure my post-op healing was going well in that critical first week. Everything went perfectly. I'm 3 weeks past the procedure now and can't wait to see how I progress over the next 12 months or so.

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