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    Default I am confused Is a HT right for me?

    28-year-old male here who has been dealing with hair loss for a few years. I'm having a difficult time determining if I want to go through with a hair transplant and could use some outside perspective. My current hair situation isn't too bad as I'm probably a little past an NW2 at the temples. I recently had a consultation with a reputable IAHRS surgeon who determined I'd be a suitable candidate for a conservative procedure. From my understanding this was based on the fact that I don't have a significant family history of advanced hair loss and my hair loss doesn't appear to be aggressive. The caveat is that there is a good chance I'd need future work done down the line to cover any further loss, so this would be a lifelong commitment.

    Overall, I'd consider myself to have pretty healthy self-esteem and my confidence hasn't been completely shattered by my hair loss. It does bother me though and I spend more time thinking about it than I'd like to admit. That nagging feeling definitely holds me back from being my best self and I'd be more content if I wasn't thinking about my hair so damn much. I think my reservation with the procedure stems from feeling like I'm being vain or greedy for being bothered by my relatively minor hair loss to the point that I'm considering surgery. And also that I'm on the younger side, but I do trust the surgeon's judgement since he has a reputation for being very honest and ethical. I realize that I'm the only one that can ultimately make this decision, but I guess I'm wondering if there are any potential downsides that I may not be fully considering so that I can really think this through before committing to something permanent.

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