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    Why did you choose umar? His work is pluggy and the coverage he brings is not that good. I really hope you have had good results although it will be hard since he is one of the mediocre docs in the field. The thing about him is he does a lot of marketing and PR. If you need a fix up may I recommend you do it with someone else. They will use far left grafts, which will make it more affordable to you, and you will get far better results.

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    SilversSurfer is correct about Umarís marketing. He really pounds the internet with weird videos and I think he must give incentives like free grafts to people to post on these forums. I donít think his hair transplants look natural at all. He makes very weird and unnatural hairlines if you ask me.

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    i have to say something , if you look at reds first picture before ht # 1 with hasson and wong , he literally had nothing on top so to speak of . His result with H & w is impressive and i think we are all dying to see updated pics after his third transplant with dr umar. Using beard hair is interesting to fill in the crown, imagine having less hair on your face you need to shave and having better coverage on top. Red pls post a pic when you feel comfortable.

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