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    Oh, you guys are SOOOOOOOO funny. If weed made me paranoid, I'd have stopped a loooooooong time ago. But oh how I WISH that were true!! I've been dealing with this for at least 10 years now and its, unfortunately, noticeable to others, including my doctors. Unless they're just figments of my imaginashkon, too??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocker View Post
    I've seen nothing written in stone about this, but have read it over and over again in blogs relative to this question: Can excessive smoking of marijuana cause hairloss?? I've been an everyday, multiple times a day, high-end (no pun intended!) smoker for probably about 20 years. There is no history of hairloss in my family (in fact, quite the opposite, on both sides), and multiple rounds of bloodtests have shown nothing substantial. I just finished an entire round of steroid shots to the scalp with no improvement (except possibly for less shedding, but that always comes and goes, anyway). I have been slowly (noticeably) losing my hair for about 10 years now and have probably lost about 2/3 of what I used to have (luckily, it was very thick to begin with). I have yet to stop smoking for a while to see if this could be the cause (its my only vice), but I'm curious . . . in your realm of experience in this field, do you think this could this be a potential culprit, as smoking this particular plant does tend to negatively effect hormones?

    P.S. By the way, I do plan on coming in for a consultation, as well!
    Unfortunately objective evidence about health effects of marijuana is limited. The question is confused by the legal issues in which many have strong opinions not based on scientific evidence.

    Smoking marijuana may cause health problems including lung damage and cognitive dysfunction. It can cause lung damage as well. With respect to throat and lung cancer, studies have been inconsistent; some have shown increases and some have not. None have excluded the possibility.

    Regarding hair, at least one study in men showed an association of tobacco smoking with balding. This is thought to be due to the blood vessel damage associated with tobacco smoking. There is also evidence of adverse cardiovascular effects with marijuana and any situation that impairs the circulation of blood to the hair follicle might impair hair growth. .

    I have not found any studies with respect to hair and marijuana in women. But then there is not enough research of any kind on female hair loss.

    For the reasons above, I think there are many good reasons not to smoke marijuana. If it has any effect on hair it will be an adverse one.

    At the same time, I am greatly opposed to the extreme penalties that our legal system haphazardly imposes on use of a substance that seems to cause far less social harm than alcohol.

    My attitudes are also affected by my more than 20 years of daily meditation practice because I have come to feel that what is best is to develop insight into ones unaltered consciousness. I felt it only fair to state my personal view on this.
    Geoffrey Redmond, MD
    The Hormone Help Center of New York
    Author, It's Your Hormones

    It is not appropriate to make medical diagnoses or treatment recommendations over the internet. Replies to questions intended as general information and not as medical advice for any individual. An appropriate health care provider should be consulted for specific advice.

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    Default Thank you!!

    Dr. Redmond, that was probably the best response you possibly could have sent. I want to come see you more than ever now!! I will be stopping before the month is up, anyway - it can't possibly hurt in any respect. However, if I don't notice a difference after several months (not quite sure how long I should give it?), or if the fallout becomes too much to keep hiding (and its coming off the top front, so its getting harder and harder) - you'll be my next step.

    Thank you so much for your response. Much appreciation!

    Looking forward to meeting you - Pam

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