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    I am following this thread with interest. I am currently torn between getting a HT within the next year vs waiting several years for the next generation of HTs/hair loss treatments to come on the market. I need to do something about my thinning hair, but I am concerned that a conventional HT would leave me with scars and not enough coverage and density. My personal theory is that most of the satisfied HT veterans are either people with very minor hair loss who had FUE, or repair patients who were maimed a long time ago by unscrupulous surgeons and are now thrilled by even the slightest cosmetic improvement. I am very curious to hear more responses.

    Wasbalding, you seem to have had a very good HT experience. Would you mind sharing what type of procedure you had (strip vs FUE), the number of grafts, the name of your surgeon, and possibly even some pics?

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    Dr Cole is one of your best options.

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    Shapiro hands down! First off I had my first ht with E.T. and it wasn't to great!
    I was in MN. last month and consulted with Shapiro and he had a patient there from Israel who just got fue day before and it looked amazing! Shapiro takes his work very seriously unlike my recent dr. in Ontario.
    I would go to Shapiro in a heartbeat!
    f/y/i hes won the golden follicle award like 3 or so times(ht-equivlant to oscar)lol

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    If I could do it over I would have just shaved my head! I have had 3 ht it wasn't worth it!

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    This may be a bit of a false dilemma. You don't have to choose between bad a bad hair transplant and balding. There is such a thing as a good transplant, and that is an option I am very glad I went with.

    There is a lot of fear of bad transplants, and rightfully so, they exist, and they would be a torture to live with. But if you go with a good doctor, you should have no worries about a bad job at all. Human brains are funny; if something seems really bad, we want to avoid it at all costs, and assume it is likely...even in cases where it is not very likely at all. A case in point is zombies. We have all seen horror movies with zombies, and the visible representation and horror of the whole idea (where people are forced to think, what would I do in that situation), has some people planning for a zombie outbreak as if there was any chance that that could happen. News flash from the world of science: it will NEVER happen.

    Anyway, back to the point, I was pretty comfortable with my thinning. I'm a pretty confident 34 year old guy, and tend to think I have the face to pull off a thinning hairline.

    A close friend of mine got some work done, and encouraged me heavily to get it done. A hairline was drawn after much planning, and only then could I see how "bald" I'd gotten, and how the restoration of my hairline really helped frame my face. I found a good place, and got it done. Cost: $4000 for 2000 grafts...all in the front. I had a "strip procedure," and got a good doctor who knew how to prepare the area and sew me up properly. I have no regrets at all...really glad I did it.

    Shapiro's work is good. I've seen it with my own eyes, and his FUE and Strip work on the donor sites is really good...so, do you have a reasonable expectation of a bad job with him based on pictures of bad work at other places? No. Just like everything, there are people with skills and then there are hacks. I don't expect a zombie outbreak at Shapiro's office.

    By the way, I didn't get my work done at Shapiro's...but my roommate did, and it is QUALITY.

    Quote Originally Posted by stylus187 View Post
    Is it worse to shave your head and say screw it, or is it worse to have a noticeable HT, PLease post honest views or experiences.. Im literally 2 steps away from doing this. My choice is down to two Doctors, Shapiro, and True. Please, only HT patients reply!!!

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