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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanish Dude View Post

    They would require several threads with photos etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spanish Dude View Post

    and this thread is about ejj and Cooley.
    Cool - finally you've got it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bakez View Post
    Why does this HairRobinHood guy troll with his Gho links on every single hairloss forum on the internet?
    and more importantly, why does he register with a different nickname in each forum. I have counted at least half a dozen nicknames in a corresponding number of forums.

    @Iron_Man, "Dud" also means "false".

    as adjective:
    fake, false, forged, sham, counterfeit, pinchbeck, phoney or phony (informal)
    He used a dud cheque to pay the bill.
    Iron_Man is a dud forum member

    as noun:
    imitation, copy, reproduction, hoax, forgery, phoney or phony (informal)
    The mine was a dud.
    Iron_Man is a dud

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bakez View Post
    Why does this HairRobinHood guy troll with his Gho links on every single hairloss forum on the internet?
    Because this HairRobinHood guy always confirms what he is saying - not just with "Gho links". For instance, recently he trolled with this link on the Bald Truth:


    Dr. Hitzig found it interesting and useful (I guess). And look at the papers "References" below - they too try to confirm their claims in the paper.

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    I think if you asked most repair patients at the top of their list of concerns would be not to make their situation worse. I know in my own case I waited a very long time before trying any type of body or beard hair as it was not proven and there were many failures. Many patients were left worse off than when they started. Most of them by hyped up doctors right here in the States doing mega sessions. Eventually I was able to come to the understanding that it was not so much that body and beard hair did not work, it had more to do with the skill of the doctor. The many scalp fue failures is a good example. Itís not so much the technique but more the person performing the technique.

    The point of not making my own situation worse was discussed frequently with my clinic. There was a complete understanding on both sides and my well being was at the top of the list. Sure my progress might be slow but it is meant to reduce the risk as much as possible and all part of a safe plan.

    The clinicís have the responsibility to move very slowly especially with repair patients and fully explain if they are using a technique that is not proven and is basically a gamble. When presented in this way most repair patients would probably take a wait and see attitude as the last thing they need is to dig a deeper hole. I know this means losing a sale, but you simply canít take the chance of making a bad situation worse and completely destroying someoneís life. There is more at risk here than simply money.

    I think it should have been explained to this patient that the outcome of using Acell on the donor area was unknown and the doctor was making an assumption. When presented in this way it might have given the patient reason to pause.

    I think what doctor Cooley is doing here is admirable but might be moving too fast. We are not lab rats that can simply be tossed away.

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    @ejj & dr. Cooley:

    According to forum member "mkamph", dr. Cooley has done 4000 hair autoplucking session on a London patient.


    dr. Cooley, can you confirm this?

    I suggest to try autoplucking again on ejj, to cover the "soft scars".

    1. These "soft scars" are soft tissue, not scar tissue, so the chances for success are now higher.
    2. Autoplucking with scalp hairs have better yield than beard hairs, according to dr. Cooley.

    p.d. autoplucking = autocloning

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    , Hey ej, Im not going to lie to you... , i have not read the entire topic here as think its gone somewhat off course and time is precious.

    I truly hope you get your situation resolved, which ever route you take brother.

    Hell knows you have been thru the frickin ringer dude, you deserve piece

    Best wishes
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