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    Quote Originally Posted by Bakez View Post
    I dont know, I liken it to muscular atrophy. You sit at a desk from 9-5 every day for 15 years, with minimal exercise. Eventually because of compression your gluteal muscles being to get weaker and weaker until atrophy occurs. At this point you cant simply start exercising to get these muscles back to the level they should be, you have to go through physiotherapy, because the muscles have been so weak for so long and doing nothing, that your body 'forgets' how to use them. You know what is wrong, and if you had done something about it a few years earlier, then maybe normal exercise would have been enough, but it went on so long that it no longer is.

    To be honest this analogy is weak, but I do feel it would be harder to regrow hair on a completely bald scalp of 10-15 years than an NW2-3
    If you
    Yes your analogy was weak, but I'm also not saying you're wrong. I guess my point is that we don't know anything yet. You could be right but it can also be for other reasons and not necessarily because they've been sitting doing shit for 20 years.

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    Actually I am surprised why Spencer did not ask Dr. Hitzig that exact question.
    If hair loss is due to lack of progenitor cells and Dr. Hitzig believes that A-cell combined with PRP injections will by pass this, then why does not hair grow everywhere?

    Hopefully Dr. Hitzig will find his way to this forum post and be able to give us an answer!

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    Default I'm gonna copy paste what you just wrote onto a different thread...


    I like the question you're asking, I'll copy it over to a different thread where Hitzig and Cooley are more active and seem to be answering questions on a somewhat frequent basis.

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    Default prp/acell

    I can't believe its been so long since I have logged on...?
    Not much to report...

    I have been having prp/acell for over 2years now.My scalp is a little better..
    The quality of hair has improved about 20%.Is that enough..?I'm desperate so I guess,yes!

    I will tell you its not for sissies! It does hurt!And you do swell!

    I will keep doing till something better comes along...

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