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    Quote Originally Posted by ohlife View Post
    Hey guys,

    So about a month ago I took the plunge and decided to try minoxidil (5%); at the time, my hair and scalp were in decent condition - I was only losing about 10 hairs max in the shower each day. Anyway, within two weeks I was shedding hair like crazy and it was irritating my scalp, so I decided to stop. Now, I've been off it for about 3 weeks, and still, my scalp is itchy and dandruffy, and worst of all: I'm shedding about 300-400 hairs a day (perhaps even more). I mean, it's just falling out effortlessly, as if my scalp has become a wasteland where no hair can possibly survive.

    This is obviously ****ed up - I mean, I know on the one hand that a shed is common on minoxidil, that these hairs are supposed to grow back after a few months; that is, if the minoxidil works. If you scour the internet though, you'll find multitudes of people for whom that hair never grows back, as they persist with the minoxidil.

    My question is this: given that I stopped the minoxidil after just two weeks use, will the hair that has apparently fallen out as a result of it grow back, once my scalp returns to normal and the next phase of growth comes around? Of course, the other question is, why the **** is my scalp still itchy and will it possibly never return to normal?

    Honestly, the research on hairloss is poor - there is more to it than just genetics; scalp health plays a vital role. You can go through months of minimal, steady loss, then it just spikes for some reason. Also, how is it that some people react terribly to minoxidil whereas others don't?

    Any feedback would be great - please take the time,

    Hey man,

    Can you come back and share an update on this? Iím in a similar situation (only used min for three days) and Iím pretty stressed out about it.

    Lots of people post about this but no one comes back with an update!

    Would really appreciate any update, whether good or bad, just to know what to expect.

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