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    Hello all!
    I am a 25 year old female who has been experiencing diffuse hair loss since I was 15. It wasn't becoming really noticeable until my senior year of high school. I remember sitting in band class and pulling hair after hair off my shoulders. Didn't think much of it at the time....
    I began to see my scalp more and more over the years. I had numerous thyroid tests, iron tests, and CBC tests. I began seeing a dermatologist around the age of 22. He was not particularly helpful, so I went to a different derm. who told me my individual hairs just seemed to be too thin, so why not try Yaz birth control? That didn't sound valid, but I called my OBGYN anyway to put in a request and they called me back and told me I was the third person from that dr. saying the same thing. There was no medical evidence to suggest Yaz "plumps" up individual hairs. Another dead end.
    I went for a period without doing anything about it after that. I thought maybe it would reverse. My mother had experienced the same type of hair loss, and my younger sister was beginning to show signs of it as well. Of course, that just sounds like hereditary hair loss, but I wasn't convinced because we all also share seborrheic dermatitis.
    I finally made up my mind that I was going to go forward and look for an answer. I went to my first dermatologist and had a scalp biopsy. The results came back telogen effluvium. Sounds good...but what else is the problem then? He gave me a steroid shot, ordered additional lab work, and told me to use Men's Rogaine. I went to get the lab work done. He had ordered another CBC, testosterone total and free, UIBC, serum estrogen, serum progesterone, LH, FSH, serum iron, and TIBC. I obtained a hard copy of the results and they were also faxed to the dr. I have yet to speak with the dr. but by looking at my results, I can definately tell my estrogen is low, as well as my % free testosterone. I do not know what this is from, but I suspect he will send me to an endocrinologist.
    It may be worth noting I have been on birth control for years, but different kinds. However, I did not start birth control at the same time my shedding began. I did have surgery when I was 14, but my mom nor my sister (who have the same kind of thinning) have ever had surgery like mine where they were completely under. It wasn't even really for anything "big", just an underlying cyst that had to be removed. I am not sure how much effect birth control can have on my own hormones. I know they are altered, but two different doctors told me I did not have to get off my birth control to have the tests done. So I am waiting for a call from the dermatologist to see what he thinks of my results. Hopefully I can keep moving in the right direction!

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