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    Default I was alway very scared to have children

    I have severe crohns since [single digits] I have been through a lot and almost died 2x at this point [3 total] from CROHNS complications, a name that sounds so like no big deal,, being sick so little to the time I jioned the U.S.NAVY I have experienced some very horrorable pain, swollen body part that are most embbarrising, blood dripping out of me at a steady pace ,passing out at times[ never told me parents I was so terrified because I alway went to the doctor and said its nothing "Growing Pains" ,I couldnt eat without some of the most horrible pain , I lived on thorwed out waffles, I heard my parents talking abou7t how are they going to pay all my bills[ they are the biggest workaholics thank God] I didnt know where to go I knew something was very serious wrong , as a 17 year old kid I worried about my Mom and Dads financial issues, I was scared my parents would have to sell the house I have a lot of anxity ,so I jioned the NAVY to see if I can get help and travel the Oceans and Seas, Im from Rhode Island "The Ocean State" I love just being near the ocean...........After boot camp[ As sick as I was being sick forever you get use to it, I made sure I passed" boot camp.After that I spent 5 months in the U.S.NAVY hospital before theyfound whats wrong, this is with tons of test] only because my intestine ruptured and I almost died...................Had surgery,, got better and married my high schoollove still married today[shes a saint] I thought about the horrors I suffers throught and know that my children could have this sick disease, , but, oneday my bestfriend had a baby boy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,I held it,,, thats all it takes ,,I wanted a baby,,,,, 3 boys now all in their 20's with NO sign of anything to do with crohns,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, My wife and I are truly blessed ,but, I am so scared about my grandkids,,,not sure if my sons can deal with having a very sick child

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    Enjoy your children because you are blessed. Don't think about the most horrible things. Your children are healthy, and you are the best parent for them. I was also diagnosed with Crohn's disease in adolescence. I had the same fears as you, and this is normal because we want our children to be the most beautiful, the smartest, and the healthiest. I have two children aged 11 and 12. They are my greatest joy. I try to give them a good education and a favorable development environment. I want them to develop in harmony; that's why I chose to overcome the fear that they will become victims of cyberbullying because it is a current topic. I downloaded the appl https://www.familyorbit.com on their devices, and so I feel safe, and they too.

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