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    Default What happens when a battery gets too hot??

    Here's a shortcut to the answer: either it catches fire and burns your house down, or it explodes and takes out your hand. To make sure neither of those things happens, you need to buy a good battery and make sure it never gets too hot to handle. If something like that does happen, it's too late.

    But exactly what happens if a battery gets too hot? This is the question I was hoping to answer when I started this blog, but it turns out I kind of answered myself before I started.

    First off, batteries are designed to work well within the limits of their components. Second, batteries contain chemicals that react with each other. The more you push them outside their comfort zone by making them hotter than they want to be, the higher your chances are that something bad will happen.

    And third, any time you overheat a battery that isn't already on fire or spewing toxic fumes into your face (or both), there's enough stuff happening inside to cause a reaction.

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