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    Default Ways to Make ED Pills Work at Their Best

    Oral pills like cenforce 200mg are the first line of treatment for erectile dysfunction which is characterised by the inability of a man to get or keep erections that remain for a long time and are firm enough to have a satisfying sex drive. However, cenforce 200mg and other ED pills have some potential side effects that may hinder their working ability.

    But taking only these pills isn't sufficient. Taking them in the right way is necessary to enhance their effectiveness. To make the most out of these pills, they should be consumed in the correct way and in the right conditions.

    Following are the things that you need to consider to make your ED pills work better thus reducing the risk of potential side effects and will surely improve your bedtime performance and hence your sex life:

    How Do These Pills work?
    Knowing the mechanism of the working of the ED pills will help in improving their effectiveness. Cenforce 200mg, as well as other ED pills, belong to a drug class of PDE5 inhibitors that restrict the degradation of cGMP(cyclic guanosine monophosphate) by the phosphodiesterase type 5 enzymes in the corpus cavernosum of the penis that run along the penis. This, in turn, boosts the level of cGMP.

    On sexual arousal, the endothelial cells and nerve terminals of the corpus cavernosum secrete nitric oxide which then binds to the cGMP receptor and activates it. This further increase the level of cGMP. This cGMP along with nitric oxide leads to the relaxation of the penile smooth muscles. This allows more blood to reach the penis, making it erect and hard thus causing an erection.

    Cenforce 200mg and other ED pills work only in the presence of sensual stimulation. They can't show their effect when you are not sexually aroused.

    Watch What You Eat
    It is always advisable to avoid eating a high-fat meal before taking cenforce 200mg and other ED pills. However, you can take the pills with or without food but taking them on an empty stomach is highly recommended. A high-fat diet before having ED pills can hinder the absorption of the active drug ingredients in the pills thus affecting their effectiveness.

    Taking food rich in fats can delay the release of the active drug from the cenforce 200mg and other ED pills thus taking more time for the drugs to start working. Thus delaying the erections or making it difficult to have an erection. Hence it is best to take ED pills on an empty stomach rather than consuming them after a meal.

    Choose The Right Drug
    Although cenforce 200mg and other ED pills work in the same way and share common side effects and drug interactions, however, they are made up of different active ingredients which affect their effectiveness. Also, different ED pills take different times to start working and remain active in your body after being consumed.

    So it is highly recommended to consult with your doctor and tell him about your medical history if any before taking any pills to reduce the risk of possible side effects. Your doctor will prescribe you the best effective ED pill based on your medical condition and underlying cause.

    Don't Panic If Your Drug Doesn't Work
    Sometimes it may happen that the ED pill prescribed by your doctor doesn't show any symptoms of improvement during your sexual activity in one go even if you are sexually aroused.

    Don't panic. It could be because cenforce 200mg and other ED pills take different times to start working. That's why you may not see any improvement at the beginning just after taking the pill. Give some time to the drug to start working.

    However, if you still can't see any improvements then consult your doctor. He may either change the dose of the medication or may change your pill for providing you with a stronger effect. Also, even if none of the pills works, then you may go for other treatment methods like:

    Alprostadil injection and suppository
    Penis pump
    Penile implants
    Testosterone replacement therapy

    Avoid Mixing ED Pills With Other Medications
    ED pills like cenforce 200mg can interact with the other medicines you used to treat other health conditions. These drug interactions affect the working ability of the ED pills thus making you more prone to side effects. Following are some possible drug interactions found in ED pills:

    Cenforce 200mg and other ED pills when taken along with nitrates used for treating heart conditions, lead to sudden lowering of blood pressure resulting in dizziness and fatigue.
    When consumed along with alpha-blockers and other high blood pressure medicines, ED pills cause your blood pressure to lower suddenly leading to fatigue and dizziness.
    Medicines like macrolide antibiotics, azole antifungal, HIV protease inhibitors and hepatitis c inhibitors affect the way in which ED pills leave your body thus hindering their effectiveness.

    Stay Aware Of Side Effects
    Although cenforce 200mg and other ED are quite effective in treating erectile dysfunction, they come with some potential side effects which may turn your condition worse. However, the extent of side effects may vary among individuals. Some of the commonly experienced side effects:

    Blurred vision
    Upset stomach

    In some rare cases, these pills may lead to the following severe side effects:

    Sudden hearing loss
    Irregular heartbeat
    Difficulty breathing
    Prolonged and painful erections
    Chest pain or angina

    If any of these symptoms persist immediately consult your doctor to reduce the risk of further complications.

    Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle

    To make your pills work better, a healthy lifestyle is required. Adopting a healthy lifestyle not only aids in your physical and mental wellbeing but also help in improving your sexual health also. Following lifestyle changes are helpful in improving your overall health:

    Having a healthy diet
    Exercise regularly
    Avoid alcohol and drug abuse
    Maintain a healthy body weight
    Control your blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels
    Keep visiting your doctor regularly for checkups

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