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    Default Is this traction alopecia or I am just balding due to ageing?

    Hello everybody. I am 32 and I am trying to understand if my hair loss is due to ageing, or it could be traction alopecia given by the fact that I wear headphones. I am forced to wear headphones because I have noisy neighbours and sometimes I have no choice if I want to sleep. I don't wear them too much though, just 1-2 hours per day.

    What I noticed is that normally people who have male pattern baldness start losing their hair from the two sides of the central front area, but my hair loss pattern is very different. This is how my head looks with my hair naturally brushed:

    In this picture instead I brushed my front hair away, just to make it more visible:

    What I find strange is that I have this hair loss there, right in the area where I wear headphones, while I would expect more something like this:

    For context, this is how my frontal area looks:

    So I am in the phase that I don't show any visible hair loss when sitting face to face with a person, but if I bend over I show that ugly bold spot in the center! Why? I am using Minoxidil, I am taking biotin and massaging my scalp 10 minutes per day from 5-6 months but this never went away. Maybe somebody who has some experience with it can tell me if it's likely to be traction alopecia, or if maybe it's just genetic and some people are more prone to experience this type of male pattern balding?

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    This is a very interesting case. Usually, traction alopecia is seen in the front (hairline) or in the back (nape) and itís caused by extremely tight braiding or a ponytail thatís pulling hard on the hair roots. Wearing a tight fitting hat or headphones for that matter shouldnít cause any hair loss unless itís placing some kind of extreme force or friction on the hair follicles.

    So I guess my question is, do you feel any kind of hair pulling, rubbing or tugging sensation on any of the hair while youíre wearing headphones? How often do you wear headphones and for how long? And if you suspect that the headphones are the cause of your thinning hair, perhaps you can wear earbuds or a different type of headphone set that doesnít sit on the same area or cause any kind of damage to your hair.

    Best wishes,

    Rahal Hair Transplant

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