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    see what i mean guys?? the sports are there he just does something or has something a style or what ever to hide what he is lacking!

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    Default andycannon

    You are delusional. He has had atleast 2 transplants. Have you had one. I have had a few and no drug, clinic, etc will make your hair that thick. His hairline hase moved and is thickened all around. Your attention to detail is excellent. Just get the procedure and forget about starter packs !!

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    Dis you even look at the pictures? If you have a good eye you can clearly see his hair line is not good at all.
    He does seems to know how to style his hair and use hair make up.
    I come from a media background and I have seen what people can do to hide it.
    In the picture above you can clearly see were he is missing hair!
    I'm not convincing you with words just look at the pictures they say it all specially when then light shines throughout!

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