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    Hey everyone new to this forum. Iím a 25 year old male that has been experiencing sudden and rapid diffuse thinning. The diffuse thinning wasnt really noticeable and I've never really even thought about hairloss until I was washing my hair one day and 100ís of hairs was coming out and I mean 100ís not exaggerating either it was clogging the drain. The shedding slowed after 2 months to roughly 30-50 hairs per shower (I counted) lol.

    Fast forward a few months I went to a dermatologist and I was diagnosed with Telogen Effluvium. Fast forward another 3 months, I didnt see any signs of regrowth so I went back to the dermatologist who now said I have the dreaded MPB. I was prescribed fin at 1.25mg a day and I also had a scalp biopsy as I was complaining of severe itching which went away but was very prominent at the start of my hairloss.

    Got the results of the biopsy and it showed early stages of LPP and ďsomeĒ miniaturization. Visited the dermatologist again which he disagreed with the biopsy and said it was MPB and to take the fin and minoxidil and get on with my life. I listened to him so I began taking fin at 1.25mg EOD to get my feet wet. Well 3 weeks into fin the itching that I mentioned came back with a vengeance followed by super high libido and muscle/ strength gains in the gym. The shedding followed this but wasnt nearly as bad as when it first started. I went from shedding 30-50 hairs to 100ís again but this time I noticed some thinner hairs as well as a lot of thick terminal hairs falling again. I quit the fin and shedding went back to normal.

    Now the density loss I've taken from using fin has made my hairloss noticeable and is see through throughout my entire scalp. I will include pictures of just how thick my hair was prior to the shedding and fin. I just dont understand how I can go from thick luscious hair with no shedding or hairloss at alllll to severely diffuse thinning. I dont know what to do anymore, should I give fin another try?
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