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    Lightbulb Help! Can I be saved? (28 years old)

    Hi guys. I was hoping to get your views about getting a hair transplant. I am a 28 year old male. I have been losing my hair, initially in a NW3 pattern, but lately throughout the top of my head, for about 6 years. I have been on minoxidil for 4 years and on propecia for the last few months. The loss has become more pronounced in the last year or so. I think it's time to to decide between a hair transplant and just giving up.

    - Am I a good candidate for a transplant now or does it look like I will never be able to get decent coverage throughout the top of my head?
    - Is it likely that the thinning/balding area expands further on the sides and crown?

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    Any thoughts much appreciated!

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    Don't just give up like this. Get up man! there are a lot of treatments for hair loss or baldness. CBD oils are one of them. My friend had the same condition as you are bearing right now. He used CBD oils after a PRP session. Then he repeated the procedure for up to three months or four and got marvelous results. I recommended him to shop these oils form Direct CBD online using Direct CBD online coupon code to avail their amazing discounts. He is a happy confident man with hairs on his scalp back. I think you should also try this.

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    Contact a specialist doctor for the best treatment & you can also find it online, In this era, everything can be found online just like shopping online and using Herrschners Coupon.

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    Based on the information you provided in your pictures, you may very well be a good candidate for hair transplant surgery. We have done cases that are much more complex and with much greater hair loss with high degrees of success. If you’re still losing your hair, I suggest Researching for pressure and consider getting on it as it might help save your existing hair and prevent future loss. Then, and transport surgery can help to restore hair in crucial areas to give you much fuller and younger look.

    Best Regards,

    Rahal Hair Transplant

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