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    Default Antiageing medicine in Hair restoration - free advise and education

    Dear readers,
    Anti-ageing medicine/genomic medicine:

    As a new field, it holds immense possibilities.
    There are a host of beneficial steps one can take at home.

    However, please remember, you should consult your doctor if already taking treatments for any disease.
    The supplements/ interventions/habits are not medical advice. These are findings with scientific studies and research.
    Each day, new findings are pouring in.

    Itís exciting times ahead.
    You may have heard of Elizabeth Parrish. If not, you may like to google her.
    The first human possibly to get gene therapy.

    Is she alright? Google please. You can see and hear her talk about her treatments.

    While gene therapy still needs time for the general population, simple anti-ageing measures in form of healthy habits may help people losing hair to retain them.
    So, what are these measures that you should read about and implement?

    Intermittent fasting (eat to liveÖnot the other way round)
    Take regular HIIT as an exercise
    Hot sauna and cold showers
    hyperbaric oxygen
    Breathcontrol exercises
    hypoxia for HGH secretion
    increasing endogenous nitric oxide
    consuming dried parsley to reduce CD38 levels and many more practical steps that can be initiated now.


    For a long time, I have been reading about many companies trying or hoping for a cell based hair multiplication.

    But, the scientific findings suggest that the alternate path of epigenetics and epigenome modification is a better way forward.

    Can pattern baldness be considered ageing of the hair and scalp? - Yes, I think so.

    Have medicines that can effect gene expression been discovered/invented? - Yes. They may be 1st generation drugs. But they have been researched in animal models and there is good reason to believe they work in humans. Many people are taking them because they were already being used without us knowing their true benefits.

    (Of course, wait for more human trials that are being carried out and more planned in future. Such trials happen in the first place when the researchers have good reason to believe they work.)

    I donít have anything against companies trying to make hair in labs.
    But, in my experience, itís more distant and costly.
    Unfortunately, for such companiesÖand fortunately for less well to do patients, anti-ageing medicine works on a preventive pathway.
    Many of the medicines and supplements have already been in use for years or decades.

    Moreover, thereís a host of measures that can be discussed and started by people who are not aware of them and which are free. You donít need to pay a doctor.

    Itís a lifestyle modification and improvement method. (Not glamorous like cloning).

    I will be glad to help readers understand the often simple concepts that can have a far reaching effect on body and hair. Also, if something can prevent cancer will you not take it or even discuss it?

    Why hair?! You may ask this.
    Scientists researching anti-ageing medicines wanted to visually see the changes in the organ they were working on, so they chose eye instead of liver.

    But what most missed was that hair is the fastest growing organ of our body.
    Any change in the inside mileu will show itís effect on hair.

    True enough. The researchers, again without trying as usual, found that the hair growth improved.
    You may argue fur growthÖbut thereís more inputs coming about improvements seen in hair quality, color and thickness when used by humans.
    And, good news is that the improvement occurs at the cellular/genetic level.
    Fisetin, for example works at gene level to change its expression. NMN works to push more hair into anagen phase.
    Thatís the correct direction.
    People losing hair (more and more hair entering telogen), should try to hold onto their hair.
    New and better treatments are on way.

    These are not some distant dream.

    I am a likely candidate to observe the effects.
    I have male pattern hairloss in both sides of my family.
    I have been using various anti-ageing interventions since 1985, and havenít turned bald. And I have never used finasteride/propecia.

    Thereís an urgent need to bring all information out in open.
    Itís not that any one doctor will be profiting from this.
    It will be a way to a healthy life which will include better hair and skin.
    However, itís not about botox or similar cosmetic quickfixes.

    Starting the anti-ageing journey is an all round effort in improving the way one lives, eats, exercisesÖ

    Therefore, I wish to share my experiences and knowledge with all who are interested.

    I will take the readers on this fascinating journey of a lifetime indeed.
    You are welcome to join.

    I look forward to reading a different point of view.

    I will talk about the anti-ageing steps individually.

    Dr Capt Arvind Poswal

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    Topic 1 :
    Eat to live and Intermittent fasting.
    People currently eat way more than they ought to AND often the wrong diet.

    While it is important to choose the best diet to prevent any malnutrition/undernutrition, its best to take the help of your local dietician as he/she can give local/your ancestral diet alternatives.

    As a first step, calculate the calories you should be taking for the level of activity you are doing throughout the day.
    Calculate for yourself. Do not take general data recommendations.
    A good way is to maintain a diary of your diet and work/exercise.

    The current generations hardly feel hunger pangs.
    After you have concluded documenting your current daily diet and exertions, try fasting for 12 hours as a first step.
    An easy way is to eat a full dinner at around 8 pm and fast till the next day 8 am.
    You can take water in-between.

    As you become more confident, please read the following articles.
    Do let me know if you have any questions.
    Dr Capt Arvind Poswal

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    Anti-aging is a new way of looking at our body, mind and life.
    It's not about shallow beauty. It's about living with dignity and ability till long as one lives.

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    Is baldness an age associated epigenetic alteration and can it be altered?

    Apparently yes! And by correct fasting, one can influence the epigenome.
    The following link provides very helpful, though in a scientific language.
    Please let me know if you have any questions about it.

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    To understand anti-ageing medicine, it's important to understand senescent cells and how to manage them.
    Fasting is one means of promoting autophagy and partly removing senescent cells.

    Please read the following link to understand.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Hyaluronic acid is a vital intracellular substrate (in simple words, our cells are suspended in a matrix of jellylike hyaluronic acid), that shrinks with age causing various effects we see on the skin and brain.
    Does it also effect our hair? ...yes. As it probably does for all other organs in body.

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    This, for example, is not directly related to hair (unless you believe smoking harms your hair), but is very important information.
    Smokers now should know they have a way to prevent lung cancer.
    This won't grow your hair but may help you enjoy a better life.

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    How to identify and target senolytic cells was researched (including for pulmonary fibrosis following Covid)?

    The following study shows how periodic administration of senolytic drugs can help.

    This has great significance for premature hairloss we are seeing nowadays.
    Pattern hairloss maybe genetic but it's affecting people at an increasingly young age.
    It's not unreasonable to postulate that it's due to premature ageing.
    Our hair being the fastest growing organ will show the effects earliest.

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    Greying of hair may be the signal for skin ageing.

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    It will be logical to say that we age our organs differently. That's as true for our heart, liver, kidney, as it's for our hair.

    This premature ageing of the hair has been studied and some interesting facts have come to light about the potential of fisetin and resveratrol.

    Please read the following

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