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    Default London Recommendation For Transplant.

    Hi All, I'm considering a hair transplant, I'm looking to make an appointment with a provider here in London or the outskirts, does anyone have a solid recommendation?

    I know it's a bit of a minefield out there so any help would be much appreciated, thank you.


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    i can recommend Westminster medical group - i had a fut transplant (in July) as i have afro hair but they also do fue transplant. i met with Dr Rogers and Dr Clarke to find out more information as well as options.

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    Talking .

    Thank you.

    Harley st hair clinic seems to be a bit slow getting back to me with an appointment after they emailed me two weeks ago to ask when would be good for me (l replied the next day).

    Also, l called them yesterday and the young man who took my call seemed a bit non-plussed, then sent me an appointment for next month in Manchester, l live in London.

    It's not been an encouraging start with HSHC so far.

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    i think they are all really busy generally. but i had similar problems with companies not coming back to me but it could also be (for me that they don't know how to do afro hair). a couple i had booked zoom calls with but then heard nothing from them. i had one i was keen to talk to and arranged a zoom call weeks before and sent photos only to find on the day that the person decided to call early - i couldnt reallyask any questions as i was still working but i didnt like his answer on the one and only question i asked ....about afro hair - he said ""all hair is the same" but it not as straight hair is easier with say FUT than afro if the person isn't experience. he basically sent me the quote and then asked if i wanted to be booked in after 5 mins (like a salesman) and when i mentioned i was more interested in fut - he was very dismissive with old fashioned company etc but i had to remind him that not all companies could do both - WMG can also Dr Rogers has had both FUT and FUE himself. I just thought they were good with the meeting, any other questions i had i could contact them etc. but hope you find a company that works well for you.

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