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    The best way to prepare is to be more connected first. We can no longer stay isolated and work alone to design lessons and create learning spaces for our students. We need to connect with educators from different backgrounds and experiences. By developing a rich professional learning network (NLP), we will have the encouragement and support we need to explore new ideas and trends in education and around the world. Building a network that allows us to stay informed and relevant through crowdsourcing and talking to our NLP members is the first step we need to take. In this way, we can free ourselves from what can sometimes become an isolating profession. Facing an uncertain future in the world of education and work means developing the skills of adaptability, resilience and perseverance.

    The ability of students to increase their confidence and feel comfortable and welcome in any learning environment depends on educators creating and fostering a supportive environment for them. For students to reach their full learning potential and participate more actively in learning, a positive and supportive relationship between teacher and student must be established and maintained. A safe, welcoming, supportive place that dominates challenges and celebrations. An opportunity to learn together and learn in different and somewhat challenging ways.

    Engage in new learning
    We need to create different learning experiences for our students, which means we need to move away from the traditional forms of assessment and activities we use and instead try out new ideas and resources and even find ways to empower students to do more. we teach. We need to understand some things about our students, such as: How do they want to learn? What are your interests in learning? Why do they need to know specific content or perform a specific task? We need to become familiar with taking less leadership, talking openly about the methods used in the classroom, and being more likely to be learning partners and co-designers with students.

    We need to take some time to explore an area of passion, whether it's something related to the content area we teach or something that pushes us out of our comfort zones. It is important that we expand professionally so that we can help our students better understand why they need to do so and how they can overcome any challenges they may face in the future. Teaching only content that is enjoyable and that we know limits the learning potential of our students. Instead, we should be open to taking risks when learning in the classroom and not knowing all the answers to students' questions. We empower students more by shifting from content providers to learners in our classrooms when:

    we urge students to design their own learning paths.
    Create new learning opportunities by asking students what interests them or what interests them.
    Change what we are used to and let students become creators and designers of the classroom.
    Ask students for ideas about the learning methods used in class. Work to ensure that students see learning as a process.
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