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    Unhappy Hair loss from Stress or Hair Bleaching?

    Hello group! I am a 37 yr female and I had a full head of hair with no problems until May when I decied to lighten my hair. I went to a high-end curly hair salon but she definiely overly-processed my hair. It was REALLY dry and I started doign extra conditioning and such but then it started to fall-out. Now I have alot of thinning including an alopecia areata spot. I feel like the dyeing explains the loss but it doesn't seem common for bleaching your hair to cause hair loss/thinning and hair falling out from the root. But yet the hair loss is SO aggressive this has all happened in like 5 months.

    I wanted to get some input from others who may have experienced this and also advice of diagnosing the cause. Another important piece, is that I had about 2-3 yrs of being in a high-stress high-anxiety mental state, which ended also ended in May. I wonder if my body is just doing a delayed response from the stress. I don't know. I'm just really concerned that the hair loss is SO fast.
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    Also, I already went to my PCP and my results came back normal. I met with a dermatologist, and have upcoming appointments with other specialists. I am looking for guidance to see if any events such as hair dyeing caused a trigger for anyone.

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