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    Default Hair loss post COVID (?) - Lost and don't know where to start.

    Hello everyone,

    I am 29 years old, and this question is actually about my mother.

    My mother has never had an issue with hair loss before, until recently.

    She has been losing very big amounts of hair daily, more than I had personally ever seen. This happens in pretty much any scenario (if she washes her hair, if she brushes it, if she doesn't brush it, even simply running her hand through her hair)

    Weeks have gone by and the shedding continues, now we can clearly see "spots" where hair is missing.

    She's cut her hair in an attempt of helping the situation out, but of course that doesn't stop the hair fall.

    My mother was diagnosed with COVID-19 back in June, she spent a week at the hospital.

    Since she doesn't have any sickness and her labs come back normal, we are thinking that this hair loss could be a side-effect post Covid. I don't know how true this could be but it's the only stressful event that has compromised her health.

    Long story short, I bought her some Minoxidil and I am waiting on some supplements to arrive as well.

    I've asked her doctor for a referral to a specialist and we are now waiting for an available appointment.

    However, I just don't know what to do from here. She's the one going through this, but her and I are very close and I'm just trying to inform myself and help her through this.

    Today, as I applied the Minoxidil on her scalp I noticed some red spots on different areas where her hair has been falling out. I don't know if this is a sign of a disease or even if it's related to the loss of hair,

    But I'd truly appreciate anyone's input. At least until we get a call back for the appointment request.
    I have attached some photos, in one of them I was able to take a picture of one of the red "spots" on her scalp.

    I'd appreciate any possible insight, opinion, or guidance.


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    I feel so sorry for her. My dad also had Covid, and after that virus, he started losing hair. He took some vitamins, and in 3 months, his hair was good. He got Covid again 2 months ago, and we informed his doctor about the previous hair loss. The doctor treated him and also gave him some anti-inflammatory capsules. He told us that our dad should take them 2 weeks after coming home. We bought the capsules from I have to tell you that his hair never looked more amazing. My dad is satisfied and recommends them.

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