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    I have had two eyebrow transplants and both went wrong. The hairs stick out and do not lie against the skin like normal eyebrow hairs would do.
    Furthermore, the gaps are also very large and there is also a kind of "hole", a place where no hair grows. What can be done to correct this? Is it possible to make the hair closer and maybe put in more hair so that it looks denser and there are not so many gaps between the hairs? I've been asked several times why my eyebrows don't look natural and why they stick out and don't fit close to the skin. Is there any way to fix this? Somehow the hairs are also thicker/wider than normal eyebrow hairs and don't end up as thin as natural ones. Is there any way to use other hairs that are more like eyebrow hairs?

    What would you recommend me? I live in Berlin.

    Best regards

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