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    Default Acell-update

    Although Acell did improve the overall health of my scalp,and even sprouted minute regrowth, the effects do not seem to last...

    I would however recommend Acell-PRP, for after hair transplant surgery. (to heal quickly)

    Acell-PRP did vastly improve my strip-scar area,but that was after many acell/PRP procedures.

    It is not worth the money,if you are looking for regrowth! I wish it was,but it isn't.

    These are just my opinions and I have been doing it, long enough to know.
    The funniest thing about all of the procedures,creams and pills I've had the displeasure of using over the years.......The best thing that has worked for me up to now is doing my scalp exercises( maliniak-method) also not using shampoo with any sulfites! This is also free! oh and using my needler every day.

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    Good to hear that it did improve your scar!
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    Default before + after acell

    Thoughts ?

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    PRP does not work on all individuals. The other aspect of PRP is how you activate the platelets. Then there are questions such as the concentration of PRP, the optimal hematocrit, and the layer you inject the PRP. Recent evidence supports the dermis as the layer. Then there is the question of what size needle to use when you inject it. Some use a PRP concentration that is no more than your normal platelet concentration. They spend less than $1.00 to make it and you honestly get what they pay for it; of course they probably jack the price way up to essentially give you something that is nothing more than your normal platelet plasma. Acell presents a host of other questions such as the proper concentration of Acell and what you attempt to accomplish with the Acell. Based on epigenetics, there probably is a protocol that will work better in some individuals and another protocol that may work better on others. Then there are some protocols that probably don't work on anyone.
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    It appears to me, that the long term studies needed to come to any conclusion re the benefits of acell didn`t really take place. Therefore perhaps the best protocol was to not use acell in the first place, as the results were/are very much unknown.

    I notice acell have removed any material from their website relating to hair regrowth and their product, I wonder if this is because it was not approved for this particular use and used off-label?

    I cannot understand any md trialing an experimental product on people who have already been through the `hair mills`and are referred to as `repair cases` it really does make no sense to me and certainly raises the question of ethics.


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    Default Any update on Acell?

    It's been a couple years since any Acell talk on this thread so wanted to see if anyone has any updates on the latest and greatest, or if this conversation has continued in another thread?

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    it has been quiet. I've been using PRP to keep hair from aging as fast as body

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