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    Default World No Hair Loss Day | CNVBEAUTY Hair Growth Cap provides solutions for 250 million

    In recent years, "hair loss" has gradually become a hot topic around the world. The number of people with hair loss has risen sharply. According to data released by the National Health Commission, more than 250 million people in my country have been plagued by hair loss, that is, on average, 1 in 6 people have hair loss, and about 163 million men have hair loss.

      Hair loss is a common health problem in the current society. Among them, the male group has more severe hair loss. Therefore, in addition to the well-known Father's Day, the third Sunday in June is also set up as the "World Day without Hair Loss", which aims to call on the whole people to pay attention to the problem of hair loss. CNVBEAUTY, who has been deeply involved in the field of skin health for many years, knows the importance of scalp health. Driven by the mission of "making the beauty of science and technology within reach", it has created a professional anti-hair loss product solution for 250 million people across the country.

      Research found that there are many reasons for the sub-health of hair follicles, such as disordered life and rest, poor eating habits, heredity, stress, etc., and excessive secretion of male hormones is the main influencing factor. When the high levels of male hormones in the human body encounter 5α reductase, dihydrotestosterone will be produced, which can easily cause greasy and inflammation of the hair. The hair follicles gradually show a sub-healthy state, which eventually leads to hair loss.

       In order to help people with hair loss solve the problem of hair loss, Cosmeet directly attacked the nature of the hair loss problem and gave full play to its technical advantages in the fields of life sciences and optoelectronics. Innovatively developed LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy, referred to as LLLT) low energy laser hair growth cap. The Kesimei hair growth cap uses new laser technology to wake up dormant hair follicles and improve damaged hair follicles, activate hair regeneration, and release nitric oxide and active oxygen under the action of photodissociation to provide nutrients for the growth of hair follicles.

       LLLT low-energy laser technology is now used in tissue repair, wound healing, pain relief and other fields. It can be seen that its safety has been proven.

       As early as the 1960s, Hungarian doctor Mester first proposed the conclusion that low-intensity laser may promote hair growth, which gradually opened up a new situation in the application of low-energy laser technology in the medical field. At present, LLLT low-energy laser technology is one of the authoritative and effective hair growth methods recognized by the medical community. Laser technology is also mostly used in large-scale professional hair growth equipment in hospitals or beauty salons. With the acceleration of people's life rhythm and the trend of younger hair loss, the treatment of hair loss and hair growth products represented by the Kesimei low-energy laseHair growth Cap came into being.

    In order to provide consumers with a safe, effective, and more convenient product experience, Kesimei comprehensively considered the laser wavelength, energy per unit area, light irradiation angle, process material and appearance design and other factors, and finally developed the "baseball cap" "The low-energy laser hair growth cap with the product solution of hair growth liquid allows consumers to solve the problem of hair loss treatment at home.

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