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    Arrow Research shows that mouthwash may help kill the COVID-19 virus.

    Today we all try to do everything possible. To prevent infection with the COVID-19 virus A new virus that is spreading violently around the world right now. whether wearing a mask regular hand washing and social distancing Recent research has shown that using mouthwash may help kill Covid-19 virus and may become another way to help prevent the Covid-19 virus.

    Can mouthwash really kill the COVID-19 virus?
    Recent research supports the idea that Mouthwash may be able to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus, also known as COVID-19. due to COVID-19 virus It is an infection that has an outer shell encased in it. The cell membrane of this virus attaches to other cells in the body and multiplies.

    If we destroy the outer membrane of this virus It will make it possible to kill the virus easily. and may help slow the spread of the virus to spread to other organs in the body more slowly

    As usual, we wash our hands with soap and clean water. is effective enough. to kill the corona virus Because the soap will destroy the outer membrane of the virus. weaken the virus and can be easily eliminated Doctors have suggested that washing your hands is the best way to prevent COVID-19. The idea that mouthwash can kill the COVID-19 virus comes from this as well.

    Scientists believe Some of the chemicals that can be found in mouthwash It can give the same effect as washing hands. is to destroy the outer cell membrane of the COVID-19 virus This makes the virus unable to multiply and multiply. and help slow down the spread of the virus in the end

    with evidence showing that Ingredients found in mouthwash Affects various membrane-bound viruses such as

    - influenza virus (influenza)
    - herpes virus (herpes simplex).
    - other corona virus

    however This research has not been tested. with a new strain of virus at present, such as COVID-19, and is also an in vitro experiment It is not an experiment with oral viruses. Therefore, there may be some speculation. in terms of reaction And still need to get more experimental studies.

    In addition, scientists also commented that that mouthwash not efficient enough to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus compared to How to wash your hands or wear a mask as usual It also does not recommend the use of mouthwash for the purpose of preventing COVID-19. alone

    The best ways to prevent COVID-19 are still these.

    - Regular hand washing
    - Minimize touching the mouth, eyes and nose
    - Wear a mask when going out in the community

    Using mouthwash is just an add-on. that only increases confidence in the prevention of COVID-19

    Reference from :: Joker

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    Thanks a lot for useful info!

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    I first asked this question and it made me a lot of trouble, but making the Covid vaccine helped me figure it out. RNA can be immediately translated upon entering the cytoplasm, whereas DNA needs to cross the nuclear pores to enter the cell nucleus to be expressed, which makes vector design a lot more complex. Even though DNA viruses are highly optimized, the success rate of nuclear delivery is still very low (I donít know the exact number, but itís lower than 10% for most viruses).

    SARS-CoV-2 is an RNA virus that replicates in the cytoplasm like most RNA viruses. As a result, the viral mRNA is made in the cytoplasm and never enters the cell nucleus. If they are expressed in the cell nucleus, they may be edited by the host spliceosomes before nuclear export. The edited mRNA will give rise to wrong antigens that are not only useless but can be harmful sometimes (a recent paper indicated that aberrant splice variants may be the culprit of the rare blood clotting events). That's why J&J did a lot of codon optimization to eliminate any cryptic splicing signals in their adenovirus vectored vaccine.

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