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    Default Stress and Hair Loss??

    My provider, Bill Calvitti, sent me a link to an article he wrote on the affect stress has on hair loss. This is new to me, what do others think?

    It makes sense and I can see how my stress levels have risen in the past few years (as my hair has receded). I am doing what I can to keep stress at a min anyway but wow, could this be a contributing factor in men's hair loss?

    let me know what you think? I love my friends at Hairsolutions and appricate the extra effort they put into customer care.


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    I thought the link between the two was a given.

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    I beleive that stress would only cause permanant hairloss in people who have the gene for hair loss and are already genetically predisposed to having hair loss at some point. These stressful events can certainly speed up the process in which these people experience the hair loss. Hair loss caused from stress in individuals who do not have the gene for hair loss should be temporary.
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    Stress can contribute to hair loss through a condition called telogen effluvium, where stress disrupts the hair growth cycle, causing excessive shedding. Chronic stress can also trigger or worsen conditions like alopecia areata. Managing stress through relaxation techniques and seeking medical advice can help mitigate its impact on hair loss.

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    Stress can indeed contribute to hair loss. The relationship between stress and hair loss is complex and multifactorial. nursing and rehabilitation centers Studio City If you are experiencing significant stress-related hair loss, managing stress through relaxation techniques, exercise, and other stress-reducing activities may also be beneficial in addressing stress-related hair loss.

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