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    Default Spironolactone -- docs don't like it?

    I find that not many physicians on the East Coast know about or understand the use of spironolactone for hair loss. I was prescribed it by a community dermatologist on the West Coast, and it did stop my hair from falling out! Amazing! But after moving back here, I can't find anyone even willing to consider it.

    One community derm told me it was a drastic step to take and I would have to start shaving my face because it somehow "turns on" facial hair growth -- (which didn't happen to me in the 3 years I was on it, altho now, 4 years after stopping, I do have some unwanted facial hair that I wax off -- mostly white and downy.)

    Another academic derm (head of a residency program at a major learning institution) wasn't familiar with it and was only willing to write for 25mg/day, which hardly compares with the dose I was previously taking.

    My internist (who is truly wonderful) was doubtful it worked -- said he didn't really understand why it would -- and mentioned case reports of sudden death. Thus he was unwilling to prescribe it for what he sees as my silly concern.

    Another doctor I know professionally mentioned cancer reports.

    A hair transplant surgeon who WAS willing to write me a script (since I had been on it uneventfully, he said), had no idea what dosage to write. And when I asked him if he had other patients on it, he said no. And he clearly sees people with hair loss!!!!!

    Finally, there is the literally famous hair loss specialist and researcher who did a blood test and said my levels didn't warrant it.

    Meanwhile, my diffuse hair loss continues. I am stumped. Am I missing something? Is there a major problem with spironolactone that I don't know about? And what is the recommended or at least commonly accepted dosing regimen? Is there a doc out there who champions it? How can I make my physicians more comfortable in considering it?

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    I take 100 mg of spiro two times a day and it helps my hair. Although it does not completely prevent frontal hair loss that I have issues with. It has helped the rest of my hair remain fuller. My dermatologist prescribed this for me.
    You may want to go to a different doctor either a dermatologist, endo or gyno. I understand the frustration or lack of help for this condition. We need more research and treatments.

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