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    Default Photos of military haircut with strip scar

    17 months after FUT strip procedure I decided to do FUE into the scar. This 25 days after the FUE procedure. The grafts are not growing yet and most have dropped off, so this is how it looks before results of the scar revision are apparent. I've used a light dusting of Toppik on a few photos and you can can see a slight greenish hugh to them. I will grow this out a bit longer but now I know where I stand as far as cutting options go. I'll probably try this again in 6 months after the grafts grow in. The original scar was trico. This is not the best scar but certainly not the worst I've seen. I somehow don't really care if people notice. Some will know what it is and others will think it is from an accident or brain surgery. others will not even notice it at all. in any case, its my head, take it of leave it.
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    I think thatís an impressive strip scar. To be able to cut you hair that short and barely make out the scar shows the skill of your doctor. Once the FUEs grow out it should be completely undetectable. Thanks for posting these!

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    I agree
    Very nice
    You may want to leave the hair just a bit longer and you wouldm't nocitce a thing

    Would you mind , or be willing , to post a pic of the top and front so we can see how it looks


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    Not bad at all. Do you know what grade it was cut to?
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    Thanks all for the kind words. I was a Norwood 2 hedging on 3. Now I'm a solid 2 or slightly less.
    DAVE - This post is only to show the scar so I won't post the front on this thread to avoid it turning into a new topic.
    Matt - The fade goes from a #1 to #2/3 (at the scar) to a #8 on top. Sort of like a slightly grown out High & Tight Marine style. My brother saw me and and yelled Semper Fi! He does not know about the HT and didn't notice the scar (or he would have given me sh*t, believe me).

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    Carzar do you have some after pics or what man? Lets take a look brotha, I want some FUE into the scar as well.

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    If your scar is not that visible with the hair length as in the photos it will only look better once the FUE grafts start growing.
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    So without doing the FUE in to the scars, you could see the scars? I skipped straight to your pictures and was going to say wow that's a nice FUT you got, but now I see you got an FUE to cover it. But still, it looks very good, and that's a very good idea to do FUT first, and then FUE to cover the scars. It looks really good and it hasn't even grown in entirely.

    How many grafts did you use for the FUE, I suppose you didn't use that much since it's just a strip to cover.

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    Highlander, If you continue to disrespect this forum and its users I will unfortunately have to remove your account.

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    It looks pretty clean man, if anything just tell them it's a battle scar. lol

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