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    Default Has anybody ordered from Q-Gain.com? A new cheap source within EU?

    With the owner of minoxidil-direct.com in a US jail, and the new thievish charges imposed on all packages sent to EU (Since 1st July 2021), I am looking for some new minoxidil source within EU. After browsing on eBay, Amazon, and other sites, I found a website selling QGain https://q-gain.com/?shop,3

    They offer a 6-month supply for 42 USD/40.73 EUR, and a 12-month supply for 75 USD/72.74 EUR, with free shipping within EU.

    This sounds almost fantastic, and I wonder if anybody bought any bottles from them already? I know that some people sell QGain on eBay but the prices are higher.

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    Honestly, it also seemed fantastic to me, my wife gave the order and I tried. I have already used Kirkland Moss and Q gain is much better than Kirkland. The Q gain foam is different from other products it is very light, like the foam detergent of clothes which allows it to spread easily on the scalp. Ideal for large alopecia that spreads over the upper area of ​​the head. I tried many products like this, I remember I ordered a product from China, which had to come with an epacket tracker ,but I waited a long time and decided to order from Q gain. I do not regret, I will buy more, that money is worth it.

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