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    A year ago my hair dresser said, i was thinning a bit at the crown. Me being 22 years old (now 23) started to worry and take pictures of my head everyday until i eventually decided to just shave my head so that i can see how it looks. the hair dresser told me later, it was just a joke but i feel like it's more of a damage control situation, where she doesn't want to make it any worse.

    as for my family, my dad and his dad (my grandpa) had no bald spots what so ever, maybe a little a bit at the temples but nothing drastic.

    as for my mothers side of the family, her dad (my other grandpa) started balding at the crown in his 50's, according to my mom. she had three brothers of which two never had any balding and only one balding in his 60's.

    Picture 0 is from 2014 i think where you can already see my crown balding, i'm not sure on this because i'm not sure if i started balding at age 17. i have to say though, i smoked during that time and was vegetarian. I would mostly eat noodles and do no sports at all, which might be hair loss due to bad diet but i can't tell for sure.

    can someone give me advice? i'm constantly worrying, everyday it's the first and last thing i think of and i just can't take it anymore. i never had a gf or a kiss or whatever and i feel like my youth is gone together with my hair and that will make dating even harder. (i'm just 5'7 so it's not like i had any other physical quality about me to make up for being bald.)

    i thought about getting a transplant but i'm not sure yet if that's a good idea. i like to go to the gym and do a lot of calisthenics and cycling, could the transplanted hair fall out under these rather extreme conditions and if so, do they regrow? (i haven't really looked into transplants yet.)

    other than that, i feel like just cutting them very short which i feel very comfortable with however a few girls already told me they don't like my hair that short.

    getting compliments in general about my hair is starting to hurt because i'm the only one seeing them fade away until there's nothing really left.

    (The pictures are ordered such that 1 is the oldest and 6 the newest, ranging from december 2020 until recently)
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    Definitely, you have to be worried about this problem and look for its possible solution as there is no option for you to use wigs. I would like to visit now. Natural hair is unique and beautifies your look.

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