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    Hi first time poster.

    Im posting for my son who is 17 as his English is not so good.

    So my sons is 17 and his hair is beginning to this. The males on my side are all high Norwoods. My grandfather was apparently bald at 18 but me and my father lasted into our 30s before rapidly balding.

    We live in Japan where dutasteride is available.

    Today my son went to the doctor and was told hed have to be 20 before getting finasteride or dutasteride. She offered to give him a topical steroid.

    I have a few questions and would appreciate and help.

    1. Does anyone have experience with topical steroids and MPB? Id never heard of steroids for hair loss.

    2. What should my son do until he is old enough for finasteride or dutasteride?

    3. Is finasteride/dutasteride worth the risk?

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