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    i'm 43 yr old female... started experiencing hair loss about 10 yrs ago .... at first i didn't think much of it... but at some point I just couldn't ignore it ... i would shower by myself so that my husband (boyfriend at the time) wouldn't notice... or hurry up and clean off the pillow case so he couldn't see all the hair left behind... I just couldn't hold it in anymore.. after about 2 years I finally just said something to him because i just couldn't take it anymore.... if he was going to leave i just wanted to deal with it ..... thank god he was so understanding and assured me that he would never leave no matter how much hair i had on my head !! needless to say this didn't take away all my fears and insecurities.... my husband knew but I still have not publicly said anything to anyone else... i cut my hair shorter ..... this was just a temp fix... hoping ppl wouldn't notice... it's like the purple elephant in the room... I know folks are looking and wondering but of course no-one says anything .... i'm def not the same person... i try real hard to appreciate all the things i do have..... I am such a strong person, but this thing has really got me !! sometimes I just want to shave it all off because i'm so tired of trying to cover up balding spots... it's so depressing.... I've come across this website and thought... Thank God i am not the only one ... I hope one day i can come to grips with this and just be happy !!!

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    I understand how you feel. I have struggled with this as well, and it is very tough. Luckily I also have a husband who is very understanding. I get very depressed at times, however, and it can be hard to focus on the good when you're self-conscious all the time. Stay strong and remember that there are many other women out there in the same boat... You might want to think about a hair transplant, but be aware that it isn't easy. I had one 6 weeks ago, and the recovery is hard. Lots of my hair fell out after the surgery due to "shock loss" (the trauma from the surgery sometimes results in major shedding). I am hoping that it will give me a good result in the long run. One thing I can suggest is Biosil. It's a supplement you can buy on Amazon, GNC, etc., and it is supposed to help slow down hair loss and even help promote regrowth. My doctor recommended it. Now that the major post-op shedding has subsided, I think the Biosil is helping to reduce my hair loss. Just a thought -- it's the only thing I've tried so far that seems to really work. Hang in there, and don't forget how lucky you are to have a supportive partner.

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    nisey, i totally understand how you feel. im a guy but i can tell you i found it extremely scary too when i first started thinning.

    i hope what im about to say will help you. this isnt a 100% cure however its by far the best thing i have found. it wont interfere with any other treatments and its completely 100% safe. I have now no problems with my hair at all. whereas all the men in my family are bald..

    nisey, health is one of the most underrated things and yet i would say it is THE most important. i am not a doctor but through my research i have found many things coming up over and over again.

    Here is a list of things which have been linked to hair loss:
    too much protein -either through suppliments or just eating too much meat. this stresses the body.
    soy products - there is too much bad info about soy and 97% of soy is now genetically modified
    mercury - HOLY COW this is big. i have said this over and over but if you have mercury fillings or using skin care containing mercury or anything with mercury stop. even some fish have mercury poisoning so you cant eat them. get those mercury fillings out safely using sucking techniques instead of drilling techniques. mercury is terrible for hair.
    chemicals and sugar - stay away from refined sugars. stay away from artificial sweetners.
    dehydration - keep hyrdated. if you are not drinking litres of water a day, yes, 'litres', then you are dehydrated

    the best gift you can give your body is eating as much raw fruits and vegies as possible. particularily leafy greens like kale and broccoli. even steaming them is good, but dont do anything worse than boiling. if you fry or bake or do anything like that to vegies, you destroy them. between broccoli, kale and getting sunlight everyday for about 20 mins you will not be deficient in any way.

    this is the way i eat. i get my energy from fruits and my other nutrients from veges. i was a massive meat eater and i gave up meat almost completely.

    check out this link for more information on health:


    vegsource is run by doctor graham. he has a book somewhere you can buy. HIGHLY reccomend the read.

    If you are after recipies becuase you think raw plants are tasteless, I can tell you that not only is it tasty, not only is it the best way to eat in the world, but its exactly what we have evolved to eat. i also highly recommend getting books like these if you feel its an uninteresting diet!

    recipies can be found here:

    here’s some fascinating info which shows the differences and similiarities between humans, omnivores, carnivores and herbivores. i used to think we were meant to eat meat... but the data says we are herbivores through and through. this is a big deal when choosing the foods to eat and learning how to be healthy.


    i wish you all the best with your treatments and everyone on this forum. im here and would love to help as many people as i can.



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    crazy how i used to see rogaine commercials and think nothing of them.. now when I see them, I think aarrgghhh.... and hope there is no one else in the room, because I just know they are secretly thinking of me.......just venting

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