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    Default How much do hair loss treatments cost?

    Hello everyone,
    For us humans, teeth, hair are very important things. It directly affects our appearance, making us become more confident in front of the other person. Right now I'm losing my hair, I'm middle-aged, which makes me lose confidence in everyone. So I want to find a solution for hair loss, do not know how much it costs? Are there any promotions to support that treatment?
    Thanks everyone.

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    Hello there. First of all, I agree that these are important things for us as humans, but it's not what defines someone, their personality does that, so we should stop as a society making people feel like if they are losing their hair, for example, they don't fit beauty standards anymore. Now apart from that, hair loss, weaker teeth and nails can actually indicate that you're lacking in some important vitamins and nutrients. I used to have really thin hair that would break just by being in a ponytail for too long and I used to look for these jelly multivitamins that were labeled as hair strengtheners. Spoiler alert, they did close to nothing for me and my hair. It's supplements like these that make people think collagen doesn't actually work that well. Personally, since I've decided to go with simple collagen and biotin drops (the ones that are just the naked substances, without other sketchy and stripping ingredients) I've actually been able to see improvements. It's not that expensive altogether because one bottle of these drops lasts me a long time, but it depends on how much you use. I consider it's just like skincare, you should research and understand the ingredients in a product, not just trust the label that says "for thin hair". Also, I don't really recommend going to a salon for such treatments, because these are really pricey considering you have to go for like 5 appointments, and in the end, you're not really sure about the products they use.

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    Iíve spent light amounts so circa £15 a month on minoxidil, to thousands on a full uk based transplant see this thread I had the best results from the transplant, but credit to fin and minoxidil Too.

    Iím currently on a course of PRP see this thread

    Hope these help you

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