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    Cool To All The Hair Piece Vendors - Listen Up!

    I've been wearing a hairpiece now going on a year and a half, and one of the toughest things in the world to do, is find a "source" to buy your hairpiece.

    I know, I know, they ALL claim to have the "perfect system" in place to guide you right to that great hairpiece, just for you! But let's be honest, these sites are anything but buyer friendly! As a business coach, a sales professional with over 35 years of experience, I want to share some advice with the Hairpiece Industry.

    Pooling from experience. Throughout history, things involving a very high tech and delicate custom consideration, has learned that going to very basic "standards" and "labels" has tremendously helped the supplier meet the expectations and needs of the buyer!

    I know, the industry has standards like Remy, thin skin, blah, blah, blah, but from there, it gets very dicey very fast! Some of these sites think they got cute by putting little nicknames for different hair types and colors. (BUZZER!) Some thought all men wanted 120% very thick hair. (BUZZER) or that all men would fit into a 8" by 10" cap. (BUZZER)...

    Here's what bothers me about your industry! It hasn't gotten a really good middle man yet! Seriously! Listen up bigger warehouse sellers, this one is directed at YOU! - YOU need to create, demand and mold the industry to take on EXACT standards and labels! YOU need to get away from just the retail front, and start being the one who stocks the more "custom pieces" for the smaller retail fronts and make the "distributor's cut" so that the marketplace gets the necessary pieces it needs, and helps these smaller "really bad" retailers get away from the incredibly bulky and bad hair pieces out there!

    Here's the reason why! The Hairpiece Market is a booming market! Pun on Boom because the "Baby Boomers" are some of your number one clients! No wait! They COULD BE some of your number one clients! Most older men have came to websites to "consider" buying, and left frustrated! If they did purchase something, they became a "victim" and then totally walked away!

    By the larger warehouses SETTING THE STANDARDS, you "protect" this much needed industry! Right now, it is SERIOUSLY all over the place! Lies, incredibly bad products, Glues you wouldn't make your enemies wear, People with no business being in this business, etc....

    Here's what large warehouses could do to control this industry:

    Buying Power controls quality, types, standards, offerings, manufacturers and buying patterns!
    Large Distribution networks controls what's available and the channels in which they are available!
    Distributors protect manufacturers, retailers, buyers and industry by controlling quality, perception and offering!
    Last, distributors help control pricing, product and can actually bring about 35% more MEN and WOMEN to this industry by cleaning it up!

    I may be new to Hairpieces, but I am NOT new to business, and specific industry strategies! I know what I see, and I know what it takes to clean this industry up! It's my hope that a few of your larger entities out there will see this and take hold to it!

    Create some groups that create standards. Yes, I know, there is already groups out there which "supposedly" does this! And look at their results! YOU need to be the ones that create and control them! Right now, this industry has a LOT of noise and very very bad retailers! YOU can become the power which brings this industry where it needs to be! That includes the hairpieces as well as the tapes, glues and products that support them!

    Let's just see if anyone out there who is bigger, will make the needed commitment to help the rest of us get the quality and industry we deserve to meet our needs.... Okay, off the soapbox and waiting to see if someone decides to actually create a better marketplace for us ALL.......

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    Here's what large warehouses could do to control this industry.

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    Cool You should have copy/pasted

    You should have copy/pasted the information. In today's super hyper cyber world of viruses/malware, no one opens up rogue attachments anymore.

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