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    film Dr Bicer : a good experience for me, a curly man

    I was searching on forums about hair transplantation during more than 4 month. I was reading experiences on several doctors. Dr Bicer was not on my list firt. However, one day I entered to the ISHRS website (I advise every one to go to this website). I discovered there all the scams and problems with hair transplant and how to choose a GOOD DOCTOR. I saw a list of doctors, Dr Bicer was among them. I contacted her team via whatsíapp, they answered me fast. We talked for 1 month. Yes, itís long. I was suspicious, because the intervenant told me we can not guarranty a result, we can not tell you that it will be a miracle. Their honesty was frightening me. However, this honesty attracted me to know more about them.
    Yes, Dr bicer is quite not on forums (French and english ones), but she is present in italian and german one. Every day, i was tlaking to Ozen (english assistant of doctor Bicer), asking her for photos and giving her had critics about the resuls. I was punching to see how far they are confident. I had several video calls with the Dr and she was very honest. No miraculous promise. I went there finally.

    I was welcomed by a good turkish coffee, in a cosy cabinet/clinic of 2 floors. Ozen and the doctor were ready to answer my question, and I was really asking question without any diplomacy. Then, I saw that i was the unique client as promised, for a price not too much excessive compared to the industrial farm of butcher (oups doctor cheap hear transplantation), I was sure of myself that I did the right choice: More money = more quality!.

    First part of operation was extraction of implant, Dr used a robot with very small punch, I was stressful about the punch quality. SHe showed me that she uses the smallest one in the market. It was really easy. I slept. Dr bicer did extraction and nurses did others.
    Then, I had the lunch, a good turkich kebab. Then, we went to the incision of canals for implantation. It was only done by Dr Bicer. She was really precise in her work. Finally the implantation was done by Dr bicer and her experimented assistant.

    THE RESULT IS A NEW LIFE. From 3350 grefts, I see approximately 3000 ones that are now giving me a good haircut which changed my life, starting from chicks to work situation. The evolution started slowly from the 2nd month and half. I had a boom on the 6th month, and then the hair were gaining in quality rather than quantity.

    Dr bicer promised me , some freee corretion., ıf I need. THIS IS A PERFECT EXPERIENCE.
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    I hope youíre well and happy with your HT
    I also did a lot of research for my future HT and seeing all the good comments on Dr Bicer made me reconsider my options. I think Iím going to take a leap and go with her, Iím so scared to be disappointed as itís not an exact science so hoping for the best

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