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    Thumbs up HT Repair with Dr Feriduni in Belgium, November 2020

    About me: Age - 29, Caucasian, NW II / III

    In Jan 2019 I had a bad FUE transplant (1700 grafts) in Turkey at “Clinic Centre - Istanbul”. The hairline was an unnatural shape & too harsh (double/triple/quad grafts in the front lines) the density was lacking and the grafts were implanted in different directions / angles. They also suggested a much too low hairline for my age but fortunately I asked them to make it higher before even more damage would of been done.

    For anyone reading this who is considering getting a hair transplant I strongly suggest you research thoroughly; read multiple sources/websites of reviews, check forums and speak to at least 5 people who’ve had a HT where you’re considering. Don’t make the same mistake I and many others have. In Turkey especially there's only a very limited amount of clinics doing good transplants so you have to be extra careful there and beware of fake reviews AND patients you speak to who are happy just to have hair but don’t care about it looking natural. Where I went must of had either fake reviews or people reviewing before seeing the results (OR BOTH) as my results were TERRIBLE and the procedure was definitely not done correctly for me or many others.

    A few sayings for anyone who is currently suffering mentally from a bad HT:

    * The past is always to learn, not to regret!

    * Remember that other people don’t really care, not nearly as much as you do. No one is perfect in appearance or actions. People make mistakes. The issue is a MILLION times worst in your head than anyone else’s.

    * Whatever is bothering you right now, will it matter to you when you are on your deathbed? If yes, do something about it. if you can’t do anything about it, stop thinking about it. MOVE ON.

    That being said after my research in my case a repair was possible so in my mind it was worth doing!

    My choice of repair surgeon - Dr.Feriduni located in Hasselt, Belgium who I booked with in November 2020

    I spent a lot time researching the best hair transplant surgeons not only for FUE but specifically for repairs. Some amazing HT surgeons do not frequently do repairs which I considered an important factor to be able to fix my hair as it wouldn’t be an easy job. Dr.Feriduni stood out as one of the best in this field with many similar repair cases and a great reputation on several different forums. So after assessing him against several other (20+) surgeons I decided to booked in with Dr.Feriduni (that being said he is also a very talented FUE non-repair case surgeon). After online consultation my next step was to meet for an in-person consultation in then the next day begin my surgery in Hasselt, Belgium.

    Proposed Fix

    Dr.Feriduni couldn’t have been more generous with his time for my consultation. Speaking from personal experience, repair case patients are more difficult because we have the trauma of the initial procedure and the worry about the results of any additional HTs. Over a few hours he answered all my questions, got a better understanding of what my aesthetic goal was so he could tell me my options and he showed me a lot of different patients he had performed on in different cases so I could decide what my best plan would be - of course with his guidance. One other thing to add about Dr.Feriduni is he’s a very witty, intelligent guy with a very friendly personality.

    My treatment plan was:

    1. Extraction of the 2/3/4 grafts in the hairline (with re-use), changing the hairline shape (I had sharp corners with a low centre) and extraction of a few grafts which were angled particularly badly from the previous HT (He ended up extracting 507 grafts).
    2. Create a new hairline and add more density (+ 2200 grafts). I was lucky to have plenty of donor for this and remainder for future HTs.

    The Procedure:

    The staff at the clinic were incredibly friendly and accommodating, the clinic was very clean, modern and smart. I was collected in the morning from the hotel they recommended to stay at which was very nice HasHotel - 10 mins from the clinic. You’re giving a painkiller, a drip and some sedative before the surgery begins so you feel very little.

    Dr.Feriduni performed the hairline extraction of the bad grafts (I should note here that all but 2 grafts Dr.Feriduni extracted were reusable which apparently is a hard task in itself). Next his assistants extracted from my donor area then Dr.Feriduni did all the incisions strategically to guarantee good results whilst another assistant counted and inspected my extracted grafts under a microscope. Finally his assistants took over to implant the hairs with Dr.Feriduni checking on them a couple times.

    You are offered to put the TV on whilst you lay on your front for the implantations but I opted not to so that no one was distracted. Whilst I trust they are long-time professionals who could probably perform with gunfire and whatever other sounds going on in the background I’d rather suffer a few hours or boredom to guarantee 100% focus on amazing results.

    The whole op took the entire day from about 9:30am to 4pm so there were long periods of uncomfortableness but it is surgery after all and I’d rather them take their time.


    Night 1 - There was some initial pain but after taking their prescribed painkillers I felt ok. The donor bled as is expected first night but it was minimal, significantly less than my first HT.

    Swelling - Apart from on the first day immediately post op I did not suffer swelling of the face. Not sure whether it was their skilled procedure or what I did - I walked around a fair bit, I was drinking several litres of water each day and using the ice pack regularly {which Dr.Feriduni’s clinic gives you in your care bag). Most likely a combination of all factors but I was very pleased with that

    Week 1 - There were a couple queries I raised over WhatsApp in the first week which were answered promptly and it was useful to have them on hand to speak to with any questions.

    Day 9 - Once the scabs fell off on day 9 (this may vary person to person) I was happy with how things looked before the transplanted hair began to shed so I am very excited for the final result.

    In conclusion I highly rated the experience with Dr.Feriduni which was worlds apart from my first HT and I believe I’ll achieve the results I want. I’ll update this over the next few months with some results photos! I've just got to month 3 since the HT.

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	7. Postop right side.jpg

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    Hey Jon! I was following your former thread when you had just had your procedure and were exploring options for a repair surgeon. I'm so happy everything worked out - and your review/story here will definitely help a lot of guys in regards to helping them navigate the whole Hair Restoration journey. Looking forward to seeing how this continues to improve.

    I am a patient advocate for Dr. Parsa Mohebi in Los Angeles, CA. My opinions/comments are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Mohebi and his staff.

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    Looks amazing! You will have a good coverage

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    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to wait until near to the final product (12 months post op) before I shared my results however this is 10 months after my repair HT and so far I'm very happy with the results. The parts of my hair which were a mess - the 'comb' like front due to multi-hair grafts been placed by the surgeon in Turkey, the lack of density and the 'un-tame-ness' of the unnaturally placed hairs has been fixed and my hairline doesn't have to be covered up to look natural.

    To address a few questions I've answered in my DM's over the months:

    - The 'mini-scars' where hairs were extracted from in front of my hairline are not visible at all, even up close in bright light you would struggle to identify where they are.

    - My donor area doesn't show any signs of extraction however even after my HT in Turkey it didn't so it wasn't part of the repair HT that Dr.Feriduni did although he did skill-fully select hair from the donor area so it doesn't look over-harvested now.

    - The cost depends on many different factors which you should discuss with Dr.Feriduni, everyone requires different work to get the right result but trust me when I say DO NOT base your selection of Doctor or treatment based on cost. Save up until you can spend money on the correct Doctor and the correct procedure. No amount of money is worth going through a bad experience and remember these treatments are for life.
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