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    Question "Hair implanting"?

    I came across the following paragraph in a web article about hair transplants:

    In the last 2 years, with the advent of other medical solutions, these surgical processes are only used as the last resort. Though the procedure produces the best solution is terms of success rates, most people do prefer to go for something less intrusive than a hair transplant. A similar hair loss treatment is hair implanting which is similar to hair transplant but in that new hair follicles are used, not moved from the patientís head.
    Anyone have any idea what this is referencing? In the absence of an effective hair cloning process, I'm not sure where one would be getting "new hair follicles" to implant in a head.

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    Itís nonsense. Where did you read this?

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    It's just a generic web "news" article. (I don't want to post the link here because it's full of intrusive ads, but if you Google the highlighted phrase you'll find it easily.)

    I don't place any credence in the article; I'm just curious what in the world they might have been referring to.

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    It is probably just someone trying to draw attention to themselves or their clinic by describing something is already being done in a different way. Sort of like FUE and FIT which are two ways to describe the same technique. Belive me if someone had a way to generate new hair follicles it would be appearing on more than just one web link.
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    And there would be a long, long line of people standing waiting for their turn!
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