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    Quote Originally Posted by Scientalk56 View Post
    Theres also no treatment coming soon. Its all bullshit. Wr have 3 options only - minoxi, propecia and hair transplant. There arent even treatments in phase 3 trials. Its a joke
    I feel the same, I'm tired of this bs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zedcars View Post
    After using TRX2 diligently for 6 years, I have decided to call it quits. Iíve just cancelled my membership with them to receive regular bottles of these seemingly (for me) useless capsules. My hair is much much thinner and balding on top than when I started. I feel like Iíve wasted my time and money on this stuff. I should have listened to those forum members who were calling it out as snake oil. I will never know if it slowed my baldness but it seems unlikely. I was hoping for at least a cessation of hair loss. It hasnít even done that!

    Anyway, I have just decided to give up now and will probably just shave it all off soon. Iím 41 now. My dad is bald on top. His dad was too. My grandad on my mumís side had a lovely full set of hair into old age. I was hoping his hair genes could have ended up in me; obviously not.
    Oh man that's rough. Using it for 6 years...damn. I used this shit when it first came out, and saw this thread had been bumped and chuckled. Have spent so much cash and hope on these shitty scams.

    Not to say there aren't people who have had sides with fin but it's blown out of proportion. Im back on fin after a 5 year break and im pissed that I ever dropped it.

    My advice would be to check out the H and W topical fin. Use that (even sparingly if you notice any bad effects) until the next proven treatment comes out.

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    Bosox you may be right....but why not use an anti dandruff shampoo? (Selenium Sulfide 2.5% or Ketoconazole 2% or Salicylic Acid 2%/Sulfur 2% such as Jason Dandruff Relief)
    These antifungal shampoos have reduced my hair loss to nothing. It has been 7 months now and after one year I will post my results. No pics just my observations.

    The first 2 shampoos I obtained from a dermatologist, the other I bought on line.

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    I have no idea why you all try these phony your research and you may get results but from a multifaceted approach: ie, topicals, dermarolling, supplements, dandruff shampoos (yes) but not ONE phony product. We might get results from several products right now rather than ONE item.

    A few ideas that many may poo poo but fine: Selenium shampoo left on the scalp for 10-15 minutes, Niacin at bedtime, castor oil, etc. Do some research but will say again I believe for what it is worth, that several approaches will slow or stop your hair loss and in some cases lead to new hair growth. PGD2 is the bad guy and my suggestions may address this...the crap people are marketing is where you lose money and hair. (these are my opinions from my research)

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