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    Default Dr Lupanzula Emorane, 1681 grafts fue, Jan 14th 2021


    January 14th I had a fue surgery done to restore my hairline. The surgeon was Dr Lupanzula Emorane in Brussels.

    In this thread, I'll document my progress for at least a year. I plan to do a post at the end of week 1 and 2, then monthly from there on out.
    Iím not the kind of person who usually posts in forums, but Iíll make an exception in this case. Reading through forum posts like these has been very helpful to me, so I want to give back to the community.

    My bio
    Male, 31 years old.
    Medications: minoxidil since early twenties, finasteride for a year

    Hair loss history
    I started noticing my temples thinning in my early twenties and started applying topical minoxidil shortly thereafter.
    At age 26, I noticed my scalp hair getting thinner. Back then, I wanted to start with Finasteride, but a doctor scared me off. He argued against it very aggressively.

    Pre surgery
    Started researching hair transplants at age 29. After Iíd been in touch with a few clinics, and after Iíd read a lot on forums like these, it became clear to me that I should try Finasteride before I make any sort of HT plans. Therefore, I decided to use Finasteride for at least 6 months and try my best not to fool myself about any potential side effects. I was of the opinion that if I would suffer from side effects, Iíd probably have to give it up. I didnít want to risk doing a hair transplant without any effective way of halting further hair loss.
    Not trying to take a stab at others who do HTís without Finasteride, itís just my own opinion at this point in time, and I'm definitely not an expert.
    Anyway, Finasteride worked wonders on me honestly, and Iíve never noticed any side effects. My crown almost grew back entirely.

    Why I chose Lupanzula and the Medikemos clinic

    I chose Lupanzula based on reviews on this and other forums, his patient results, testimonies and recommendations from seemingly reliable people. I also knew that Lupanzula does the extractions and incisions himself, which I thought felt important. Most importantly though, I tried to find negative reviews and couldnít find anything major.
    His patient advisor Scott has also been very helpful.

    The surgery
    I stayed at Hotel Catalonia which is a 10 minute walk from the clinic.
    The day before the surgery, I met Lupanzula and he had a look at my hair, asked me some standard questions and figured out how many grafts he could probably extract. His conservative estimate was 8000 grafts. Then he drew my hairline. He took his time and explained his reasoning. I only had some minor comments, and overall I was happy with the plan.
    I can also mention that heíd estimated 1800-2000 grafts based on my (quite highly detailed) pictures before we met in person. After his measurements at the clinic, he estimated 1650 grafts were needed. Therefore, the price also got a bit lowered.

    On the day of the surgery, I got to the clinic at 07:00 AM and we pretty much went straight into it. Lupanzula did all the extractions and incisions while his assistant sorted out the grafts. Then, the doctor and the assistant did the graft placing together, taking one side each. Lupanzula doesnít usually do the graft placement, I think, but his other assistant was sick which is why he did one side himself.
    The whole procedure took around 8 and a half hours.

    Apart from the local anesthesia, which was quite unpleasant, the whole thing was less painful than I had imagined and I actually even fell asleep a few times. The thing I was happiest about though, was that both the doctor and his assistant felt very concentrated on what they were doing. Thatís probably not as important as I make it out to be, but it made me feel like I was taken care of and that they took me, and their job, seriously.

    Overall, I was very satisfied with the whole experience.

    Final thoughts

    I donít know how this will turn out, so I canít say anything about the final result, which is what matters most. The only thing I can say is that Iím happy with my choice so far, and I seem to be healing faster than Iíd anticipated. Maybe itís too early to say, but I at least think my donor area is already looking quite good.

    Iím looking forward to the following year, even the ugly duckling part.

    I'll upload a picture of the graft information, as well as the surgery day photos.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.Click image for larger version

Name:	00_totalGrafts.jpg

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Name:	01_surgery_day.jpg

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    Here's some pictures from day 8.
    I tried to get rid of some scabs today, but I was probably a bit too careful.

    Edit: I don't know why the recipient area pictures are flipped upside down. They definitely aren't on my computer. Sorry about that.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	02_8days_donor1.jpg

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Name:	02_8days_donor2.jpg

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Name:	02_8days_donor3.jpg

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    Two weeks update. Honestly, it's been much less dramatic so far than I had envisioned. All the scabs came off on day 10 and I felt completely healed. The redness has also subsided a lot, my girlfriend tells me she almost can't see it under normal light settings. Although, it's still there of course. Maybe that's just because my procedure was quite small compared the other people here.
    The donor area feels almost back to normal now. There's just a few places here and there that feels funky.

    Btw I don't think I mentioned this before, but I got a loose fitting bandana that I got to wear after the procedure. If I put it on correctly, it looks like just a normal hat, so outdoor walks and job meetings hasn't been a problem at all.
    So it doesn't have to be a shameful experience, is what I'm saying.

    I've noticed 10 or so hairs come off the last two mornings, so I guess most of it will shed in the coming weeks. But it's been nice to have a hairline for a week
    See ya.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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Name:	03_15days_4_top.jpg

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Name:	03_15days_3_left.jpg

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Name:	03_15days_2_right.jpg

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Name:	03_15days_1.jpg

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    Thanks for you thorough testimonial and write up Stubble. This is invaluable to the community and I'm looking forward to seeing your updates going forward.

    Patient Liaison Manager

    MEDIKEMOS Clinic

    View my hair restoration*journey and results:

    Email: scott@medikemos.com
    Mobile: +447855544669
    Instagram: scott_medikemos



    We are the only clinic in Belgium recommended by The Hair Transplant Mentorô

    Take a virtual tour of our clinic.


    View the best hair transplant results videos on Youtube!


    Medikemos Hair Transplantation
    263 Av. Brugmann, 1180 Bruxelles Belgique

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    Good for you man.

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    Thanks Jeremy and Scott.

    1 month update. I shed a lot between week 2 and 3 and then it's stopped for a week or so.

    I'll probably post an update at month 2, but only if there's a noticeable difference.

    Click image for larger version

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