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    Default Is Minoxidil second shedding phase a myth?

    After about 3 years of finasteride, I have started using Minoxidil as well.

    Following a mild shedding phase and head full of dandruff, was a great improvement.

    Since I've started finasteride my hair never really looked thin, but around three months into Minoxidil it was full and thick.

    That lasted for a month or two, until last month. At that point I felt my hair is starting to weaken. I decided to cut my hair short and apply the Minoxidil more strictly.

    In the last two weeks (5.5 months into Minoxi) my hair started shedding intensely, my scalp is itchy and there is dandruff all over. I feel like now I'm experiencing the first shedding phase that I hardly had.

    I didn't have any major changes in my diet, routine or anything.

    Do you think the second shedding phase is real or after three years of status quo my hair starts to show signs of surrender?

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