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    Default Hair transplant education for new doctors

    Dear readers,

    Free hair transplant education is the need of the hour.
    I am compiling some topics on this.
    I invite veteran HT doctors, new doctors as well as anyone interested in asking questions and sharing experiences.
    I have created similar free hair transplant education resources and request accomplished doctors to join me.
    Please send me a request by
    Email -
    WhatsApp phone - +919818201323 or +919810178062
    Or drop a friend request on facebook to “hair transplant tutorials and education”

    Hair Transplant tutorials and education​

    This group is an effort on my part to give back to the field of hair transplant. I started doing hair transplants in 1997 and performed my first body hair to scalp transplant in 1999. The world's...

    There is a plethora of untrained doctors and technicians who think they know everything they need to know.

    I can only say “Dear Universe,
    Forgive them for they do not know what they do not know. Give them a chance to learn the correct methods and realise their folly before they harm unsuspecting patients”.

    This problem has become so endemic that many such practitioners truly believe they are the experts and are offering to teach.
    That would be a good joke worth laughing. Only, it’s no laughing matter.
    People are being butchered in hundreds if not thousands everyday, even during the pandemic, by such practitioners.

    It was my long held policy that 2-4 day programs are not the correct way of teaching.

    Interactive teaching and detailed practice, even by videoconferencing, is a better way than going for group workshops where one cranes to get a glimpse of the ongoing surgery.

    In this overall effort, I have also launched a detailed Online Certificate course in hair transplant.
    I prefer to teach each student doctor individually with weekly classes and practice.
    It will take a doctor 6 months of training, passing written and oral tests followed by submitting the practical training outcomes before I am convinced that they can proceed to the next level or start offering their services to patients.
    There is provision of upgrading to in person training and individual mentorship.

    As far as I am aware, there is no such comprehensive training program available to date.
    Moreover, it’s affordable.
    Before my time is up, I want to train as many doctors in the correct methods of doing hair transplant surgery.

    Details of the course are available at my website

    This, in my view is the correct way of learning.
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.
    Dr A

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    Hair transplant education for new doctors. All new doctors are waiting to get some better education level because it were be perfect at the proofreaders uk time where they decide to take some educational level which is better all time hope people and all other are waiting to achieve this new education level.

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    Default brown rice flour

    It is used not only as a component of food. The cosmetic industry has long used it as a base for some preparations and as an additive to talc (in itself it is already a highly recommended drying agent for sensitive skin). It is also used in soaps and masks and is a much appreciated natural exfoliant. It is also a component of some skin tanning preparations. At the food level, its use is multiplying and new properties are being discovered every year. Rice flour is one of the basic ingredients for pastries, cakes and bread. Apart from many qualities that other flours cannot offer, the absence of gluten is one of the basic components of foods for celiacs or people sensitive to gluten. It has been used to make tempura and batter since time immemorial due to its low absorption of oil. This results in a crunchy outer layer and far fewer calories than the equivalent with, for example, wheat flour.
    Rice flour
    Recently, a group of Swedish scientists discovered the occurrence of high levels of acrylamide in carbohydrate-rich foods when cooked at high temperatur

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