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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to know your opinion on how likely i will go bald in future. I have been obsessing a lot since 2 years regarding my hair loss. I will briefly explain my current hair status.

    I noticed by receded temples ( 90 degree ones) back in 2018 when I was 17 years old, I had pretty thick hair on every part of my head, but only the temples were receded, so it looked like an M shape if I pulled back my hair, but still rest parts of my head was and is pretty thick. Currently I am 20 and I still have that M shaped hairline which is obviously a balding sign. But I dont have any crown thinning or thinning in the area between the two temples. Those are pretty thick. I had consulted my dermatologist in dec 2019 and he prescribed biotin supplements and minoxidil 5%, I applied minoxidil on my temples only for about a year and i still continue using it. I didnt see any further progression in my temples region. I dont shed my hair much these days but normal shedding only. I have very thin moustache currently (at 20) and doesn't have a beard too.

    Regarding my family history -

    My father is 57 and he still has hair on his head considering his age. Genetically he has a big forehead (whereas I have a small forehead with temples only recession) and he is still in NW2.5 (similar to yours). He has crown thinning (but NW2.5) which is not at all obvious unless his hair wet. But considering his age his hair is super cool. He didnt even start thinning at a young age. He has been combing over to one side and doesnt look balding at all!

    My Paternal grandfather had perfect straight hairline with big forehead. But the hairline was straight not M shaped.

    My maternal grandfather had very thick hair in his 40s , he had a big forehead and he had temple recessions later on in his 50s and minor crown thinning too. He had overall white hair. He had a huge forehead by 60s but still he could slick back his hair and didnt seem like a completely bald person. But this happened when he was close to his 50s. At his young age he had pretty thick and good hair in his 30-40s.

    Is there chance i will go bald soon since i am in NW2 since age 17 (((

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