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    Default Help with hair loss routine please

    I currently use 12.5% minox with fin and have been using fin only now for 1 month and have been using minox for a year.

    I have consistently used the minox over the year but have now started to use
    Derma rolling twice a week and on one of those nights just use castor oil with aloevera. Also I wash my hair daily but mix up the shampoo, I use completely natural one day and nizoral about 3-4 times a week.

    -I would like to know if I should use a derma pen? Rather then derma roller?
    -should I use a cheaper company then Belgravia for minox?
    -any advice on how to improve my routine in general?
    - also Iím not sure if me washing my hair daily is bad but if I donít it does look greasy.

    Thanks In advance

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